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Objective Thinking vs. Emotional Thinking

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Neo-Tech Advantage #94

Positive emotions deliver pleasure and happiness. Negative emotions provide warnings that something is wrong. Thus, negative emotions and negative experiences should not be repressed[ 64 ] [Re: Concept 54, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Avoiding emotional repression involves consciously and guiltlessly feeling one's own emotions in order to know and defuse them. That honest, open dealing with emotions is necessary for (1) resisting harmful mystical actions, (2) building mental health, and most important, (3) experiencing psychuous pleasures, romantic love, and abiding happiness.

Also, openly knowing and experiencing one's own emotions are necessary to distinguish those emotions from the independent world of objective reality. That understanding of emotions, in turn, is necessary to avoid unhealthy mystical actions. For basing judgments and conclusions on emotions rather than on reality causes harmful mystical actions. Such mystical actions, in turn, diminish the prosperity, well-being, and happiness of human beings. If important judgments or actions are mystically based on emotions, then grave errors with harmful consequences will result.

A person can react to emotions in two ways: (1) The mystical, erroneous, harmful reaction that ranges from repressing emotions to overtly injecting emotions into the decision-making process. And (2), the nonmystical, beneficial reaction that recognizes and freely feels emotions, but then separates them from reality in order to make reasoned, logical judgments undistorted by emotions, whims, or feelings [Re: Table 59, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

Because no one is infallible or omniscient, errors are always possible. But errors from honest, objectively based thinking are less frequent, less severe, and easier to correct than are errors from mystical, emotionally based thinking.

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[ 64 ] Emotions never should be repressed, but at times emotions can and should be suppressed:

Suppression involves being fully conscious of the emotion, but because of the circumstances, the emotion is temporarily set aside for experiencing at a more appropriate time. Suppression is a useful, healthy method for avoiding harmful mystical reactions based on emotions.

Repression involves trying to deny an emotion by permanently forcing it out of the conscious mind. That act is a mystical distortion of reality, for emotions are a real, undeniable part of a person. By repressing an emotion out of the conscious mind, the emotion is pushed into the subconscious to remain buried. And accumulating buried, negative emotions can harm both one's psychological and intellectual well-being. For those festering, buried emotions can interfere with a person's accurate perception of reality needed to make correct integrations, judgments, and decisions. ...One never has to act on negative emotions, but one should always guiltlessly self-acknowledge negative emotions.

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