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Communication in Romantic Love

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Neo-Tech Advantage #96

Crucial in a romantic-love relationship is open communication, especially during negative emotional experiences. During stressful or negative experiences, deliberate reason-based (rather than automatic emotion-based) conclusions are needed to make fair, honest judgments [Re: Concept 127, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. The ability to communicate honestly (without mysticism) during emotional stress is the hallmark of successful love partners.

The first step to reason-based communication between partners is to identify and separate the emotional aspects of the problem [Re: Concept 74 and Table 26, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. For, knowing the difference between reason-based conclusions (business-like thinking) and emotion-based conclusions (mystical thinking) is the most important step in developing communication skills during negative situations.

The ability to generate reason-based conclusions out of negative situations has powerfully beneficial effects on a person's well-being, self-esteem, and happiness. Reasoned conclusions in emotional situations, for example, can prevent irrational actions that damage or destroy business, family, and romantic-love situations. The habitual use of reason-based conclusions in emotional situations leads to powerfully effective communication in all situations, especially business and romantic-love situations.

The Judeo-Christian ethics instill fear in women about expressing sexual assertiveness. Those same ethics instill fear in men about expressing tender feelings and emotions. Such fears cause various degrees of emotional repression and diminished happiness in both men and women. The Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts eliminate those pleasure-depriving fears by allowing guiltless communication about emotions, love, and sex between romantic-love partners.

A person can enter the future with either a reality/life-oriented philosophy that continually expands into personal wealth and happiness...or with a mystical/death-oriented philosophy that continually shrinks into personal impoverishment and unhappiness. Mystical or Platonistic-based philosophies and the resulting dishonest, altruistic ethics offer only negative, unhappy life styles. Neo-Tech/Psychuous or Aristotelian-based philosophies and the resulting honest, reality ethics offer positive, happy life styles. ...Anyone can choose at anytime between either philosophy, ethic, and life-style.

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