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Productiveness and Happiness

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Neo-Tech Advantage #97

Inseparable links exist between productive work, earned values, prosperity, psychuous pleasures, and happiness. Too many productive people live without experiencing their earned happiness or psychuous pleasures. That deprivation of happiness and psychuous pleasures is an unnecessary tragedy due to altruistic, mystical guilt inculcated into the value producer by the professional value destroyers.

Psychuous pleasures and abiding happiness depend on psychological health which, in turn, depends on productive work. Without productive work or preparations for such, psychological health is impossible. Moreover, psychuous pleasures and happiness act as the emotional incentives to constantly increase one's value and productivity.

Generally, the producer of values thrives on a fast-paced life in high-density environments (major exceptions are, for example, productive farmers, ranchers, miners). Nonproductive and destructive people, on the other hand, generally fear or enviously hate high-density, fast-paced, highly productive environments (such as New York City[ 65 ]).

Professional mystics and Marxist neocheaters destroyed countries such as Cuba, Cambodia, Iran, and Nicaragua. Such black-hat neocheaters work explicitly for the demise of modern, highly productive, highly technological societies.[ 66 ] They gain their power by pandering to their downtrodden proletariat with false promises of a nonthinking "peaceful" existence -- a prehistoric, unthinking "animal-nature" existence. They promise the ultimate mystical dream of a nonthinking, egalitarian, "problem-free" nirvana. But that dream contradicts life, nature, and reality as does all mysticism. Indeed, that no-effort, "problem-free" mysticism is the essence of value destruction and death. By contrast, high-effort problem-solving is the essence of value production and life.

Integrated links exist between productivity, self-interest, self-esteem, psychuous pleasures, and happiness [Re: Table 65, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Production of competitive values is the integrating growth dynamics for conscious beings. Production of competitive values provides freedom, prosperity, psychuous pleasures, and abiding happiness.

Productivity and rational self-interest are not only essential to happiness, but are essential to life itself. For without productive self-interest, only consumptive altruism remains. What would a world of consumptive altruism mean? What if everyone began living as selfless, unproductive consumers, temporarily surviving by sacrificing one another in consuming the values created by the past producers. One can imagine what an unhappy, destructive world that would be. One can imagine the malevolence and meanness that would exist among those human beings as they cannibalized the final values and then one another. Soon after that, nearly everyone would be dead, even those with guns.

But what if everyone began living competitively as rational, productive individuals with everyone intent on producing maximum values for others and society in order to achieve maximum prosperity, psychuous pleasures, romantic love, and happiness for themselves and their loved ones. One can imagine what a benevolent, happy, exciting, thriving world that would be...a world free of mysticism and neocheaters...a world without guns...a world in which everyone forever increases his or her productivity, prosperity, and happiness.

Most productive individuals are of much greater value than their mystically diminished self-image lets them realize. For, the image of highly productive individuals has been constantly denigrated by dishonest media journalists, authors, university professors, educators, theologians, politicians, and social "intellectuals". The productive middle class is projected in the ugly, inverted, false images of the Babbitts and Willie Lomans. The ultimate unjust irony lies with the destructive government bureaucrats and "professionals": They who never produce values, only consume or destroy them, coined and contemptuously use the pejorative "working stiffs" in describing the self-sufficient, working middle class. Those "working stiffs" are the honest people who daily produce a flood of values for others, including those government value destroyers. Indeed, those value destroyers could not survive without those "working stiffs". But those "working stiffs" would thrive without those bureaucrats and professional value destroyers.

Value producers can feel their full worth only after discarding the years of unearned guilt foisted on them by the mystics, politicians, social "intellectuals", media commentators, and other neocheating altruists and egalitarians. Indeed, such productive people can and should experience the pleasure of feeling their full worth all the time. And now with Neo-Tech, they can forever free themselves of egalitarian altruism and its envious neocheaters to always feel their deserved worth and happiness.

The underlying cause of egalitarianism and envy is dishonesty and laziness.[ 67 ] Laziness means the abdication of self-responsibility. That abdication is the root cause of mysticism, envy, altruism, neocheating, and chronic unhappiness [Re: Concept 133, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Also, incompetence and lost potential arise from laziness and defaults on self-responsibility [Re: Concepts 133 and 134, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

Professional mystics and neocheaters have vested interests in attacking competitiveness -- in attacking Neo-Tech, individualism, prosperity, and free-enterprise. The master neocheaters among the politicians, theologians, and social "intellectuals" live by attacking the competitive value producers and usurping their values. Through such destructive attacks, those neocheaters hide their own defaults while creating their needed illusions of personal power and pseudo self-worth. And, to maintain those illusions, they must continue attacking the competitive producer, his integrated thinking, the values he produces, and his individual rights and property. For those fake illusions let them physically and psychologically live off of the value producer.

But being dependent on others for survival, nonproductive mystics and neocheaters are unable to earn the self-esteem and competence needed to achieve psychuous pleasures, romantic love, and abiding prosperity. Also, not having earned values, they hold no genuine power.

Productivity is the building block for prosperity, love, and happiness. The most common character and behavior traits associated with productive men and women are identified below:


Character Traits


Behavior Traits

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[ 65 ] Master black-hat neocheater, Fidel Castro, expressed the u ltimate desire of all envious mystics, neocheaters, and other value destroyers in his publicly stated, personal desire to drop a nuclear bomb on New York City to destroy the greatest, most intense fountainhead of objective values known to mankind.

[ 66 ] The black-hat neocheaters' ultimate, envious dream is to destroy fast-paced, high-tech, high-intensity life, especially as experienced in productive, free-market metropolitan areas. That dream was actually achieved by the terror-totalitarian government of Cambodia. To gain unrestricted power, the neocheating leader, Pol Pot, implemented his destruction of urban life by a forced, death-march evacuation of the entire capital city of Phnom Penh. His totally destructive, murderous actions represented the highest attainment of egalitarian ideals and the natural end-result of altruistic-based philosophies. For that reason, few objections or cries of outrage about such blatant mass murder were heard from the "liberal" media, soul mate mystics, social "intellectuals", and other professional mystics and neocheaters. ...Given the power and means, all professional value destroyers have the capacity to mass murder. For in essence, they will do anything, including mass murder, to protect and expand their bogus livelihoods and to feel increasingly important, when in essence they are less than nothing.

[ 67 ] The mechanism of laziness in both the mind and body is the yielding to actions of least effort. But conscious beings cannot prosper or be happy through actions of least effort. And unlike all other animals, conscious beings cannot survive by letting nature rule them. Conscious beings depend on volitional efforts and logically reasoned choices to survive. They must constantly choose to exert effort, think logically, and act beyond their feelings to prosper. They must exercise discipline, thought, and then control (the DTC technique) to succeed. ...To achieve lasting prosperity and happiness, one must constantly do things he or she does not feel like doing.

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