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Growth Death and Psyche Death

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Neo-Tech Advantage #98

Growth Death or Psyche Death are terms used to describe the tragedy of dying as a competently functioning conscious being while continuing to exist physically. That phenomenon unnecessarily occurs in a high percentage of people. Caused by the disease of mysticism, Growth Death affects perhaps 90% of the world's living adult population [Re: Concept 89, Table 31, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Growth Death is a uniquely human phenomenon that involves the stagnation and death of the human psyche, often at an early age -- even before the human body reaches physical maturity.

The human psyche embraces both the emotional and intellectual spheres of the mind. Contrary to popular myth, both spheres are inseparably linked and symbiotically function together. If one sphere grows, so does the other. If one sphere deteriorates so does the other. Most important, the human psyche has no age or capacity limitations on its growth.

Unlike the physical body, the human psyche has no growth limits. It never needs to stop growing. In fact, the continuous growth of the psyche is the process of conscious living. When that process stops, the individual ceases to function as a conscious being is designed to function. If a person's psyche is not growing, that person is living contrary to his or her nature. Thus, that person's psyche begins dying. And if one's psyche is dying, that person cannot experience growing prosperity, love, or happiness.


What happens with a living, growing business-like mind? Value-producing actions beget happy feelings while honestly integrating reality. What happens with a dying, shrinking mystical mind? Indulged feelings beget destructive actions while dishonestly evading reality. The checklist below compares the psyche of those two minds -- the criminal, destructive, mystic mind versus the heroic, productive, business mind.

People generally display various mixtures of living and dead psyche characteristics. But the mixture is always tilted to one side or the other with the general direction usually moving unnecessarily toward death. With the following checklist, most people can determine whether their psyches are living or dying. A person with a dying psyche can reverse the trend and live again by using Neo-Tech to cure the disease of mysticism within one's own self.


Characteristics of a
Dying or Dead Psyche
(Ralph Nader Type Mystical Mind)
Characteristics of a
Living or Growing Psyche
(Ray Kroc Type Business Mind)
Envious of others for their achievements, success, happiness, or material well-being. Resents heroes, value producers, and especially great business people and their productive accomplishments. Envy-free. Admires and encourages individual achievement in self and others.
Operates on subjective feelings or wishes. Oriented toward short-range, value-destroying approaches to problems and goals. Operates on objective principles. Oriented toward long-range, value-producing approaches to problems and goals.
Desires the destruction, distribution, or leveling of the wealth, happiness, and well-being earned by others. Produces tradeable values. Desires a life of achievements and happiness for self and others.
Holds anti-individualistic views. Has egalitarian and collectivist desires to seize, destroy, and level values produced by others. Orients around rational self-interests. Independently fills own needs through production of tradeable values for others.
Fears freedom, independence, and competition. Follows external "authorities" in religion and government. Seeks freedom, independence, and competition. Rejects external "authorities".
Praises humble, selfless altruists. Attacks or maligns proud, productive achievers. Admires and seeks productive achievers.
Unhappy with life. Only interludes of short-term happiness. Represses the tragedy of death. Recoils at the possibility of biological immortality. Happy with life. Only interludes of short-term sadness. Recognizes the tragedy of death. Hails the possibility of human biological immortality as the highest moral goal.
Seeks government controls and laws that forcibly restrict and repress individual freedom. Seeks freedom. Opposes all forms of initiatory force and oppression, especially government force and oppression of the individual.
Plagued with anxieties and self-doubts. At ease and comfortable with self. Increasingly feels joyful life building within his or her physical and emotional self.
Holds a cynical or malevolent view of life and people. Holds a benevolent view of life and people.
Life is viewed as unhappy and people as inherently destructive, wicked, or sinful. Life is viewed as naturally happy, beautiful, exciting. People are viewed as inherently good, valuable, productive.
Emotionally and physically experiences life with increasing unhappiness and lethargy. Experiences life with increasing joy and intensity.
Accepts harmful, mystical concepts such as original sin and predestination. Rejects mystical concepts such as original sin and predestination.
Orients around mystical premises and beliefs in God, statism, astrology, the occult. Orients around honesty and objective reality.
Orients around an altruistic, Platonistic philosophy that holds the sacrifice of the individual to "higher" causes as a virtue. Orients around an Aristotelian/Neo-Tech philosophy that holds the individual as the supreme value in the universe.

To let one's psyche live or die is always a volitional choice made by each individual alone -- a choice usually made early in life, often in childhood. The tragically unnecessary surrender of the psyche to mysticism and Growth Death takes the subconscious form of:

What's the use. Why struggle any more to understand reality or bear the pain and pressure of being honest? I am not going to live by my own mind because the effort and responsibilities are too great. I'll let others think for me. I'll let the authorities tell me what to believe and do. Yes, I'll support their power no matter how dishonest or destructive. I want the easiest, safest way through life. No, I don't want to advance in life by independent, integrated thinking and actions. Instead, I want to be a believer and to follow some `wiser' authority or `higher' good. I'll live by the thoughts and feelings of others.

From that point of surrender, the individual may become more knowledgeable, skillful, and proficient in specific areas, but his or her psyche will diminish as overall growth of the mind stops and turns downward toward death. At some future time, that individual could decide to countermand that subconscious surrender order and restart psyche growth. If not, the quality of his or her life will continuously decline, always controlled, always pushed or pulled one way or another by outside forces, by the influences of "others".

The "others" represent any higher "authority" that an individual lets control his or her thoughts, judgments, actions, life (rather than using one's own mind). Those "higher authorities" may be friends, relatives, politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, social "intellectuals", neocheating university professors, the media, the church, the ruler, the Messiah, Allah, cocaine, the Bible, the stars, the state, "society" -- anyone or anything outside the individual's own mind.

People default on the primary responsibility of their minds by letting outside others ("authorities", neocheaters) do their thinking and make their decisions. When people default on using their own minds, they lose control of their lives and begin dying as they become controlled by others.

By nature, control through others always contradicts an individual's long-range well-being. Thus, accepting such outside control always begins the process of growth death. For no one can experience growth, prosperity, and happiness while under control of others.

The human mind is an adaptable, resilient organ having great self-healing powers. Helping or curing the mind seldom needs outside help. The powerful self-help nature of the mind is purposely ignored by the neocheaters dominating the psychology profession. The mind can suffer psychic or psychological damage. But if and when the individual chooses, that damage can almost always be reversed by attacking and eliminating the self-indulged disease of mysticism that is causing the problem by cutting off honesty and integrated thinking. That effective, self-help approach sharply contradicts the messy, wasteful, and usually harmful external "authority" approaches involving psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists. Such external "authority" approaches ignore the essence of both mental health (Neo-Tech: honesty and effort) and mental illness (mysticism: dishonesty and laziness). Thus, in the light of Neo-Tech, most approaches by the psychiatric and psychological professions are invalid, harmful, fraudulent, and often practiced by destructive neocheaters.[ 68 ]

Through honest thinking and sustained efforts, a person can self-heal and strengthen his or her mind. Through such self-healing, that person retakes control of life and reverses that mind atrophy caused by mysticism. On healing the mind, the future can once again promise boundless prosperity, growth, love, and happiness. One's psyche can then experience anew an exhilarating freedom and control over reality, perhaps for the first time since early childhood.

Most people have defaulted, at least partially, on the independent use of their minds. By abandoning any part of their minds to "others", including psychologists, they diminish their means to prosperity and happiness. Yet, through Neo-Tech, the potential is always available to rescue one's self from mysticism and its external "authorities". By nature, the self-rescue of one's own mind from mysticism must be an act of self-responsibility free from external "authority".

Few people choose to resurrect themselves from Psyche Death and Growth Death.[ 69 ] Those who have surrendered usually rationalize their deteriorating self and shrinking potential as a natural, biological aging process. Growth Death may be common, but is neither natural nor necessary. Furthermore, rebirth of a dying mind or psyche is not only possible but quite easy for anyone possessing Neo-Tech knowledge.

Neo-Tech leads the way to mental health by self-curing the disease of mysticism. ...And without mysticism to manipulate others, the neocheaters are powerless.

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[ 68 ] Certain cognitive psychological approaches can be v alid and at times valuable when used to gain specific knowledge that helps one identify elusive areas of mysticism. Beyond those exceptional situations, however, most psychological treatments are bogus and harmful, for such treatments are the antithesis of mental health: the handing over of self-responsibility for mystic-free mental health to a mystical-indulging, feel-good external authority.

Many statistical tests over the past fifty years have demonstrated the long-term worthlessness and drug-like harm of feel-good psyche chats, therapies, treatments (Reference: Garth Wood, MD, Myths and Neurosis -- Overcoming the Illness Excuse, Harper and Row).

[ 69 ] Recovery of independent thought is possible at almost any age through the nearly infinite self-healing powers of the human mind, especially when made mystic-free through Neo-Tech. Indeed, Neo-Tech cures mysticism. Thus, Neo-Tech will put most psychologists and psychiatrists out of business.

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