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Three Steps to Biological Immortality

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Neo-Tech Advantage #99

(See Advantage #114, Appendix F, and Neo-Tech V for details)

The elimination of mysticism is required for non-aging or youth-rejuvenating biological immortality. That goal will be accomplished in three steps:


The first step in achieving biological immortality is defining its meaning: biological immortality means to live as flesh-and-blood, non-aging human beings forever -- not just an extended life, but to live mind, body, and spirit as one's own self for centuries, millennia, forever. The purpose of biological immortality is not to serve others, society, or mankind, but to preserve forever the most precious, important value in the universe -- one's own integrated conscious self and sense of I-ness to experience expanding prosperity, love, and happiness -- forever.


The second step in achieving non-aging biological immortality is dispelling the following seven myths (Appendix F refutes each myth in detail):

  1. Death is not final. False.
  2. Life after death exists. False. [See Memento Mori in Neo-Tech V]
  3. Everyone wants to live forever. False.
  4. Living forever would deprive younger generations of opportunities. False.
  5. People living forever would cause overpopulation. False.
  6. Living forever would be boring. False.
  7. Achieving non-aging biological immortality presents technical, biological, medical, and scientific problems that are so complex and difficult that they could be unknowable or, at best, remain unsolvable for centuries. False.


The third step in achieving youth-rejuvenating immortality is understanding the requirements for achieving [A] personal prosperity, and [B] social prosperity with political freedom allows [C] commercial biological immortality. Achieving [A] and [B] is necessary to achieve [C]. The formula is [A] + [B] = [C]:

[A]=Achieving Personal Power, Prosperity, Happiness: Neo-Tech delivers honesty, power, love -- the motive for I-ness immortality.

[B]=Achieving a Free, Prosperous World: Neo-Tech delivers freedom, business, prosperity -- the means to biological immortality.

[C]=Achieving Biological Immortality in our Lifetime: Neo-Tech delivers science, technology, immortality -- the achievement of biological immortality.


Commercial, non-aging I-ness immortality is achievable within our lifetime. But that achievement depends on collapsing the 2000-year hoax of mysticism and eliminating all its symbiotic neocheaters. The Neo-Tech Research and Writing Center is already undermining the hoax of mysticism worldwide and will forever cure that disease of death without anyone's support, without asking anyone to donate time or money, and without permission from or control by anyone.

People must fully experience prosperity and happiness to value their one-and-only life with enough passion to motivate rapid, full-scale development of youth-rejuvenating immortality. Neo-Tech will trigger that full-scale development by freeing millions of productive individuals around the world from mysticism and neocheating. Once free, they will flourish naturally toward open-ended prosperity and happiness. They will flourish by (1) collapsing mysticism, (2) rejecting false guilt for living honestly, productively, fully, thus (3) rendering the neocheaters impotent. Those three actions, in turn, will unlock the needed motivation and means to develop commercial biological immortality rapidly -- in a few years.

The entire purpose of youth-rejuvenating immortality is to experience ever increasing happiness -- to experience future realms of ever expanding enterprise, prosperity, love, and happiness. Such unimaginable happiness is available to every conscious being living in a mystical-free world of forever evolving knowledge and adventure.

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[ 70 ] All Neo-Tech references to biological immortality by natu re encompass I-ness immortality. For, preserving or perpetuating all other aspects of conscious and biological life, including cloned bodies, memory banks, and personalities are meaningless if one's original sense of I-ness is lost.

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