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Money/Power/Love Advantages
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The 1986-1990 Classic
Neo-Tech Money/Power/Romantic-Love Advantages

Neo-Tech Orientation and Definitions

The Nature of Man and Woman

Child of the Past

Carving One's Own Destiny

Dogma and Rules Eliminated

Good and Bad Actions

Abandoning The Neocheaters

Prosperity and Happiness Goals

Happiness Test

Rewards from Life

The Highest Cause

Self-Esteem and the Rewards of Life

Unjust Criticism and Guilt

Sense of Life

Self-Growth vs. Selfless View

Avoiding Sacrifice

Retaining Happiness

Overcoming Altruistic Ethics

Benefits from Romantic-Love

Religious/"Playboy"/Psychuous Views

Requirements for Psychuous Pleasures

Psychuous vs. Sensuous

Psychuous Experiences

Psychuous Capacity

Other Books vs. Neo-Tech

Valuable Books

Harmful Books

Mysticism and Destruction

Who Created Existence

Techniques of Mysticism

Tools of Destruction

Astrology, UFOs, and Other Myths

Existentialism and its Influence

Seventeen-Hundred-Years of Oppression

Aesthetic Pleasures

Value of Emotions

Emotions and Reality

Religious Condemnation of Emotions

Fear of Emotions

Emotions of Fear; Value of Fearlessness

Fear of Rejection; Risk Taking

Independent Judgment; Opinion of Others

Casual vs. Serious Sex

Multiple Partners and Values Systems

Relationship Errors

Achieving Psychuous Pleasures

Ending a Relationship

Handling Problems

Guiltless Freedom

Injustice of Jealousy

Poison Core of Jealousy

Unnecessary Aging

Parents as Scapegoats

Adolescent, Premarital, Nonmarital Love

Seduction: Casual, Serious, Mutual

Physical Beauty/Sexual Roles

Psychuous Pleasures

Natural Phenomena

Personal Appearance

Physical Fitness, Diet, Addictions

Alcohol, Drugs, Sugar, and Mysticism

Aphrodisiacs -- Negative and Positive

Romantic Love and the DTC Technique

Romantic-Love Standards

Three Segments of Romantic Love

Two Types of Romantic Love

Individual Uniqueness; Personal Worth

Capacity to Change

Finding Partners and Bypassing Shyness

Shyness -- Causes and Cures

Equality of Men and Women

Housewife, Children, "Greatness"

Potential of Women, 1300 BC through Today

Nature of Emotions; Self-Responsibility

Natural Highs

Joy and Happiness

Philosophy for Romantic-Love

Aristotle vs. Plato

Humor and Sense of Life

Taboos vs. Voluntary Sex Acts

Initiatory Force -- The Prime Evil

Oppression vs. Freedom

Constitution for Prosperity

Dismissing 3000 Years of Mysticism

Protecting Children from Mystics

Rejecting Mystics and Neocheaters

Power, Plato, Aristotle, and Neo-Tech

Freedom, Responsibility, and Prosperity

Neo-Tech in Business

Protection From Government

Government Death Machines

Suicide Option

Obscenity Laws and Censorship

Failure-To-Judge Syndrome

Objective Thinking vs. Emotional Thinking

Four Levels of Communication

Communication in Romantic Love

Productiveness and Happiness

Growth Death and Psyche Death

Three Steps to Biological Immortality

Malefactors and Envy

Envy and Laziness

Neo-Tech Versus Altruism

Plato, Aristotle, and Neo-Tech

Value of Art

Self-Awareness vs. Mystical "Awareness"

Beyond Understanding

Value Theft vs. Value Exchange

Value Exchange/Friendship/Romantic Love

Understanding Justice and Love

Facts and Justice

The Neo-Tech Solution to Racism

Vertical/Horizontal Thinking vs. Dreaming

The Best Period of History -- Now

Youth-Rejuvenating Immortality Now

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