Open Source Software I wrote

I love computers, and I also like to program for fun, profit and ideals. I’ve been programming since I was 10 years old (back in 1987 for the PC XT ROM BASIC). Now in my free time I’m using a Linux machine for development, and am working on Open Source Software. I also maintain some software-related resources, and also have some essays about computing.

Open Source Projects

Open Source Projects I initiated. Mostly small to medium scale.

My CPAN Modules

I wrote several modules for CPAN - the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. Also see my Perl Résumé at

My Bitbucket Page

Bitbucket is a software-development and code sharing site, similar in spirit and concept to GitHub, but with some advantages. I host most of my original projects there.

My GitHub Page

GitHub is also a software-development site, and I use it for hosting some git repositories, and to collaborate with some other users of it.

SourceForge Page

One of the original open source software development sites, has lost some of its “hipness”, but is still popular. I host some projects there that I inherited from other people, and also have a lot of Quality Assurance work there.

Google Code Page

My activity at the free-of-charge code hosting facility from Google.

Bits and Bobs

A random collection of small programs I created, and are made available to the public.

Contributions to Open Source Software

This page lists contributions I made to open-source projects which I have not initiated.

Software Resources Sites

Various software sites and resource links.

Favourite Free Software

This contains a list of some of my favourite free software packages out there.

Interviews with Open Source People

These are a collection of interviews I conducted with people of the open source community.

Pages against Bad Software

These are pages dedicated to educate people on why they shouldn’t use certain bad programs.

Nostalgia - Some Ancient Software of Mine

These are old programs I wrote for DOS during high school, mostly in Turbo C++.