Links against Adobe Flash

Last Updated: 11-November-2013


Adobe Flash (formerly known as “Macromedia Flash”) is a proprietary technology intended to be used in web browsers (and to a lesser extent outside them) that some authors of web sites prefer out of convenience and inertia, but many users (including me) hate. This page collects links against it.

  1. Occupy Flash - The movement to rid the world of the Flash Player plug-in.

  2. Shumway lands in Firefox - describes some of the limitations of Adobe Flash.

  3. “All about Flash” - Document Freedom Day

  4. Re: Fixing the glibc Adobe Flash incompatibility - “maybe months”.

  5. “No more Flash for Firefox on Linux” - on Linux, the Flash Player is only going to be available as part of the Google Chrome browser distribution (where Google Chrome is also proprietary), while on Windows it is still going to be available for Firefox.

  6. “Steve Would Be Proud: How Apple Won The War Against Flash” - from TechCrunch.

  7. Wikipedia: Apple and Adobe Flash controversy

  8. “Tested: How Flash destroys your browser's performance | PCWorld”

  9. “Adobe Flash Player Security Vulnerability: How to protect yourself” (2015-10-15) The only way is to uninstall the Flash plugin.

  10. “Surprise! Flash Is Not 2015's Most Vulnerable Software” (2015-02-15) - Flash came in third with 316 security bugs.