Links against TIOBE - The Test Index of Programming Languages’ Popularity


This is a page of links against the TIOBE index which is an unreliable, easy to game, and non-indicative, method of measuring the popularity of programming languages. It is maintained here in order to educate people about why they should not assign any meaningful value to it.

The List of Links

  1. Criticism section in the Wikipedia page.

  2. Tim Bunce: “TIOBE or not TIOBE – ‘Lies, damned lies, and statistics’”

  3. Tim Bunce: “TIOBE or not TIOBE – An Update”

  4. Tim Bunce: “Lies, damn lies, and search engine rankings”

  5. Tim Bunce: “TIOBE Index is being gamed”

  6. Berke Durak: “The TIOBE index is meaningless”