Links against MySQL

Last Updated: 7-December-2010

  1. MySQL Gotchas
  2. Randal Schwartz - “PostgreSQL and MySQL - better explained”
  3. Randal Schwartz - “Misquoting JWZ about databases” - also see the commentary.
  4. Bagel Belly Blog:
    1. MySQL sucks
    2. “MySQL makes me sick”
    3. MySQL is a PITA
    4. Die, MySQL, die!
  5. Smylers - When MySQL Bites: Quirks to Watch Out For
  6. Ovid: MySQL Bug of the Day: Right Joins
  7. Ovid: MySQL Pain of the Day - subqueries.
  8. Ido Kanner - “The Cry of the Dolphins” - about incompatibility between the various MySQL storage backends.
  9. Ovid: MySQL Bug of the Day - AUTO_INCREMENT keys lock the entire table.
  10. MySQL and BitKeeper - MySQL uses BitKeeper, which is a proprietary version control system controlled by an abusive company.
  11. “Sometimes MySQL Sucks so much that You Need PostgreSQL”
  12. drbrian: MySQL Sucks - some “lovely gems from the MySQL reference manual”.
  13. “Slashdot: Slimmed Down MySQL Offshoot Drizzle is Built for the Web” - the thread contains many insightful comments.
  14. “Pulling the MySQL Triggers” by Ovid.
  15. “An Unpleasant Surprise from MySQL” by Artyom Tonkikh (in Hebrew) (19-September-2008)
  16. “David Axmark Resigns From Sun” (08-October-2008)
  17. MySQL vs. PostgreSQL on WikiVS
  18. Ovid - The Daily MySQL Hate - TRUNCATE should not be DELETE
  19. Ovid - “Tests I should Not Have to Write (for MySQL)”
  20. Monty on MySQL 5.1 (01-December-2008)
  21. “MySQL 5.1 Released, Not Quite Up To Par” (01-December-2008)
  22. “Josh Berkus: Two Great Open Source Databases Comparison”
  23. “MySQL 5.1 and Development Models” (03-December-2008)
  24. “What do you think about case-sensitive databases?” - by jdavidb on (04-December-2008)
  25. “Today’s Database Nightmare” by Ovid on (24-February-2009)
  26. “MySQL Stupidity” on davorg’s blog (25-February-2009)
  27. Ovid: “Throwing Away All of My Trigger Work” (27-February-2009)
  28. Ovid: “Trigger and SUPER and Ovid’s *LIES*!” (02-March-2009)
  29. Ido Kanner: “Problems with MySQL Again” (in Hebrew) (02-March-2009)
  30. Some Abstract Type! - “MySQL 5.1 mysqlhotcopy and log tables: check your backup scripts!” (12-March-2009)
  31. Ido Kanner: “Why I find MySQL to be so bad” (15-March-2009)
  32. Slashdot: “Locating the Real MySQL” (30-March-2009)
  33. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: “Which SQL is MySQL?” (31-March-2009)
  34. “A Look at the MySQL Forks” (22-April-2009)
  35. “Sun Announces New MySQL, Michael Widenius Forks” - on Slashdot (23-April-2009)
  36. “Who Owns Commercial Open Source – and Can Forks Work?” - by Glyn Moody, on LinuxJournal (23-April-2009)
  37. “MySQL: Forked Beyond Repair?” - on (21-May-2009)
  38. “Has MySQL Forked Beyond Repair?” - on Slashdot (21-May-2009)
  39. “Widenius Warns Against MySQL Falling Into Oracle’s Hands” - on Slashdot (13-December-2009)
  40. “PostgreSQL 9.0 Released” - on Slashdot (20-September-2010).
  41. Artyom Tonkikh: “MySQL is indeed a toy - or rollback mysteriously does not work with InnoDB” - in Hebrew. (27-November-2010)
  42. Ovid: “My Top MySQL Gripes” - on (5-September-2012).
  43. “Do Not Pass This Way Again (Considering MySQL: Use something else.)” - an article similar to “PHP: a fractal of bad design” only for MySQL.
  44. “Things that annoy me in PHP and MySQL” - by Ido Kanner (in Hebrew) (17-October-2013).