The gringotts-shlomif Patch

Last Updated: 21-September-2008.

Note (21-September-2008)

This page is no longer relevant because development on gringotts has resumed elsewhere, and this patch and others have been incorporated into gringotts version 1.2.9.

This page is kept here for historical reasons only.

This is a patch for the Gringotts encrypted note manager for Linux, by Germano Rizzo. It should be applied against version 1.2.9pre1 (available from the Debian servers) . What it does, so far is:

  1. Fix a data corruption bug with the search function.
  2. Fix the “Find again” functionality.
  3. Eliminate many compilation warnings caused due to a confusion between signed and unsigned char strings.
  4. Integrate patch from wwp that:
    • Fixes proto for find() in src/grg_entries_vis.h.
    • Fixes compilation on FC3 (missing #include’s to “stdio.h”)
    • Adds sensitivity to HTAB environment variable to change the horizontal tab value in the main editing widget (default: 8)
  5. Fix a data corruption problem caused by the previous data corruption fix.
  6. Fixed a crash in the preferences dialog caused by a previous modification.

An older version of the patch which has already been integrated into version 1.2.9pre1 made the following changes:

  1. Allow it to compile against recent versions of the Gtk+ library. (tested against Gtk+ 2.4.9). This is done by porting the API calls to the new ones.
  2. Allow it to compile with stricter gcc flags. (-Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Werror-implicit-function-declaration)
  3. Add keyboard shortcuts to the menus, so you can press Alt+F+S to save a file, or Alt+E+C to copy.
  4. Add a rudimentary file.
  5. Make sure that when searching, the text view scrolls to view the found pattern.
  6. Document another minor issue in the BUGS file.

Gringotts is distributed under the GPL, so this patch is GPLed too. Note that I disclaim any explicit ownership of the changes, and the original author can relicense the patch along with the rest of Gringotts if he sees fit.

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