Shlomi Fish’s Ancient Code

I found a zip file lying around on the hard disk, containing some source code files I wrote back in my DOS days for Turbo C++. It can be downloaded from this directory. The licence for all this code is MIT/Expat licence, but I don’t think it’s worth much, because it’s 16-bit and may only run on DOS, and there are probably much superior alternatives available somewhere.

But if you wish to be impressed (or unimpressed) by my programming skills back at high school, then feel free to check these files out. Here are short descriptions of some of them:

  • csee.h, csee.cpp - C-See - a library of various graphical routines.

  • ccalc.cpp - C-Calc - a library of mathematical and number theory routines.

  • gtoj.c, gtoj2.cpp, gtoj.h - some routines to convert dates of the Gregorian Calendar to the Hebrew Calendar. I wrote it for a friend’s school project, in which he wrote a schedule-management program for schools.

    I implemented it entirely based on what I read about it in the Hebrew Encyclopedia. I first used some C++ paradigms, but then converted it entirely to ANSI C.

  • bezier.cpp - a program to generate Bezier Curves.

  • mandelbr.cpp - a program to generate the Manelbrot set. (Who didn’t write something like that?)

  • cdd.cpp - a program to change a drive and a directory at once. Like cdd d:\progs\tcc.