Solver and Generator for ABC Path

Games-ABC_Path-Solver is a Perl 5 CPAN distribution which implements a solver for ABC Path as featured on It provides a standalone command-line “abc-path-solver” program and an Application Programmer Interface (API).

The Games-ABC_Path-Generator Perl 5 CPAN distribution implements a generator for ABC Path layouts based on a random number seed. What it does is first generate a random path through the 5*5 board, and then assigns the hints randomly. Sometimes the process takes a relatively long time to complete.

The repository also contains a port of the code of the solver and generator to JavaScript, which will hopefully allow it to be usable as an in-browser game in the future.

Currently, documentation is a little lacking.



Games-ABC_Path-Solver and Games-ABC_Path-Generator are free and open-source software (FOSS) distributed under the MIT/Expat License, a permissive, public-domain-like, software licence.