libtap Maintenance

libtap is a library to implement the Test Anything Protocol for C originally created by Nik Clayton. This is a maintenance branch by me (= Shlomi Fish).


Version Control Repository


The program is licensed under the modified BSD licence, as copyright by Nik Clayton, 2004.



libtap-1.12.0 was released. It fixes the tests and makes the output more similar to that of the Perl-based “Test::More” module. Thanks to Perlbotics from Perlmonks for the patch.


libtap-1.10.0 was released. It is identical to the previous release only with an incremented version number to avoid problems with upgrading from 1.03.


libtap-1.2.1 was released. This release converts to a CMake-based build system instead of a GNU Autotools based one, and also generates and installs a pkg-config file (libtap.pc).


libtap-1.03 was released. This release contains a NEWS file as well as some fixes from the CCAN (= Comprehensive C Archive Network) version of libtap. However, some of the changes in CCAN made the libtap API incompatible with that of the original libtap-1.01 so they were rejected.