Maniac Downloader - a download accelerator


# To download with 10 segments
$ mdown -k=10


This is Maniac Downloader, a maniac download accelerator. It is currently very incomplete (see the TODO.txt file), but is still somewhat usable. Maniac Downloader is being written out of necessity out of proving to improve the download speed of files here (which I suspect is caused by a misconfiguration of my ISP's networking), and as a result, may prove of use elsewhere.

The Secret Sauce

The main improvement of Maniac Downloader over other downloader managers is that if a segment of the downloaded file finishes, then it splits the largest remaining segment, and starts another new download, so the slowest downloads won't delay the completion time by much.


Download Maniac Downloader from the CPAN

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Maniac Downloader is free and open-source software (FOSS) distributed under the MIT/Expat License, a permissive, public-domain-like, software licence.