Make Work with Mozilla-based Browsers

This is a local HTTP proxy to make, an Israeli job board work with Mozilla-based browsers (such as Firefox). is by default incompatible with such browsers. It may be able to work against other alternative browsers such as Konqueror, Safari or Opera, but is not guaranteed to do so.

It is written in Perl and uses the CPAN HTTP-Proxy module which needs to be installed prior to running the proxy. More instructions for deploying it are provided in a comment at the beginning of the file.

Please report any problems with it to my email.

Happy job hunting!



The program includes some JavaScript code that was copied from the site and modified. The rest of the it is subject to the terms of the MIT/Expat licence, which is a permissive open-source licence.


The following projects helped in creating this script:

  • Greasemonkey - I initially thought I could correct using Greasemonkey, but that turned to be a dead-end, and the correct version of the fix is neither based on Greasemonkey nor requires it.
  • HTTP-Proxy - an excellent CPAN module for building your own HTTP proxies in Perl.
  • Firebug - helped in tracing some Mozilla incompatibilities in the JavaScript code of yjobs.
  • The Venkman JavaScript debugger - also helped in debugging the yjobs code.