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Software Resources Pages

Software Resources

Cross-Platform Abstraction Libraries for Portability

A small directory of libraries that make writing applications that run on UNIXes as well as on Windows 32-bit easier.

Software Building and Management Tools

A small directory of tools for building, configuring and maintaining software.

List of Text Editors and IDEs

A list of text editors and IDEs.

Numerical Software

A short list of some prominent numerical software packages.

Text Processing Tools

A list of some prominent text processing tools such as preprocessors or template systems.

Networking Clients

A list of some prominent networking clients: web-browsers, E-mail clients, Instant Messaging (IM) clients, Microblogging clients, FTP clients etc.

Multimedia Applications

A list of some prominent multimedia applications: generic multimedia players, dedicated music players, video downloaders, etc.

The “Better SCM” Initiative

An initiative meant to advance the projects that aim to create publicly available better tools for revision control.

The Perl Beginners Site

A site for Perl beginners.

The Vim Beginners Site

A site for Vim beginners. Vim is an open-source, cross-platform, powerful and configurable text editor.

Israeli-Related FOSS Resources

These are software resources that are somehow related to Israel.

Favourite Free Software

This contains a list of some of my favourite free software packages out there.

Interviews with Open Source People

These are a collection of interviews I conducted with people of the open source community.