List of Databases’ Implementations


This is a small, hand-maintained, list of various database implementations.

Filesystem-based Key/Value Databases

  • Berkeley DB - an open-source (formerly SleepyCat licence - now AGPLv3, which is a strong copyleft licence) database that provides a binary-string-based key/value store. Now a product of Oracle Corporation.

  • LevelDB - an open-source (BSD-style), filesystem-based key/value store by Google. Reportedly unreliable.

  • Tokyo Cabinet and Kyoto Cabinet - open-source (LGPLed and GPLed) key/value stores.

  • Sophia - a “modern embeddable transactional key-value storage” under the open source and permissive 2-clause BSD licence.

Other Filesystem-based Databases

  • xBase - a standard for dBase-compatible database implementations, which store tables on the filesystem.

  • “NoSQL” - a “fast, portable, relational database management system without arbitrary limits, (other than memory and processor speed) that runs under, and interacts with, the UNIX Operating System. ” (Not to be confused with the so-called “NoSQL” crop of distributed databases).

Filesystem Based SQL databases

  • SQLite - an open-source (= Public Domain source code) SQL database-in-the-local-filesystem. Popular and widely used.

  • Microsoft Jet Database Engine - a proprietary and MS-Windows-specific SQL engine by Microsoft. Old and reportedly not very reliable.

  • solidDB - a memory-based or filesystem-based SQL-database. Proprietary.

Networked (Client/Server) SQL Databases

  • PostgreSQL - an open-source (permissive, GPL-compatible licence), feature-rich and cross-platform database

  • MySQL - a GPLed client/server database. Has some active forks such as MariaDB (which provides LGPLed client libraries), Drizzle (= a “smaller, slimmer and (hopefully) faster version of MySQL”), and WebScaleSQL.

  • Firebird - an open source SQL database server originally forked from Borland InterBase.

  • Ingres - an open source (GPLed) database server based on the original “Ingres” research project code.

  • Oracle Database - a proprietary SQL server for some platforms by Oracle Corporation.

  • Microsoft SQL Server (also known as “MS-SQL” or just as “SQL Server”) - a proprietary and Windows-only SQL server by Microsoft originally derived from Sybase SQL Server.

  • IBM Informix - a proprietary and cross-platform database server - originally by Informix Corporation, now by IBM.

  • IBM DB2 - a proprietary and cross-platform SQL database server by IBM.

  • Sybase SQL Server - a line of proprietary SQL server products by Sybase.

  • ADABAS - a proprietary and cross-platform database server that runs on IBM mainframes, several variants of UNIX (including Linux) and on Microsoft Windows, that supports several types of interfaces (including SQL). By Software AG.

  • Sqream - a proprietary GPU-accelerated SQL database.

  • MaxDB - a freeware, proprietary, and cross-platform, database from SAP Corporation, that was available as open source software for some years.

XML Databases

  • BaseX - an open-source (BSD-style licence) and cross-platform client/server XML database written in Java, with a RESTful API for other languages.

  • Berkeley DB XML Edition (“dbxml”) - an AGPLv3 local-storage XML database based on Berkeley DB and other technologies.

Object Databases

  • db4o - an open-source (GPL and other licences) and embeddable object database for Java and .NET.

  • ObjectDB - a proprietary and cross-platform object database written in Java.

Distributed Databases (so-called “NoSQL”)

  • Apache Cassandra - an open-source (Apache licence) distributed database written in Java.

    • Scylla DB - a rewrite (and drop-in replacement) of Apache Cassandra in C++, which is licensed under the AGPLv3, and which is claimed to be more performant.

  • MongoDB - an open-source and cross-platform distributed document-oriented database (code is under AGPLv3; drivers are Apache licensed).

  • CouchDB - an open source (Apache licensed) document-oriented database written in Erlang.

  • Redis - a distributed, in-memory, open source (BSD licensed) and cross-platform, data structure server.

  • Oracle NoSQL Database - a distributed key/value store by Oracle Corporation available under the AGPL licence and a proprietary licence.

  • Database Services for Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) - Hosted solutions for AWS (proprietary with open source APIs).

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