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This is a small, hand-maintained, list of various computer graphics-related software applications. Note: due to my affinity towards open-source and UNIX-like operating systems, this list may be lacking in its coverage of proprietary applications for Mac OS X, and to a lesser extent, Microsoft Windows.

Image Browsers

  • Gwenview’s Logo Gwenview - an open-source (GPLed) image viewer from the KDE project.

  • gThumb - an open source (GPLed) image viewer and organizer based on the Gtk+/GNOME libraries for UNIX-like systems.

  • Geeqie - an open-source (GPLed) image viewer based on Gtk+ for UNIX-like systems (including Linux) and Mac OS X.

  • Fotoxx - an open-source Linux program for photo and image editing and collection management. Also see a review of it on

  • ACDSee - a proprietary image viewer and organiser for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Comes in several versions including a gratis one.

  • digiKam - an open source (GPLed) image organizer based on the KDE platform for UNIX-like systems and Windows.

  • IrfanView - a proprietary and free-for-non-commercial-use image viewer and manipulator for Microsoft Windows, which is noted for its small size and speed.

  • XnView - a proprietary and free-for-some-uses image viewer and manipulator and general purpose file manager for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

  • Picasa - a proprietary and gratis (“freeware”) image organiser and an accompanying online service by Google, for Windows and Mac OS X (usable on Linux using Wine).

  • Eye Of GNOME (eog) - the open-source image viewer for the GNOME platform. Provides limited functionality.

Raster/Bitmap Editors

  • GIMP - the so-called “GNU Image Manipulation Program” is a cross-platform and open-source (GPLv3+) raster/bitmap editor.

  • Pinta - an open-source drawing/editing program modelled after Paint.NET that runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

  • Krita - an open-source and cross-platform raster editor and illustrator based on the KDE platform with many powerful features.

  • MyPaint - an open-source painting and digital art program for Linux and Windows.

  • Adobe Photoshop - a proprietary and commercial raster editor for Windows and Mac OS X. Considered as the industry standard by many.

  • Corel Photo-Paint - a proprietary and commercial raster graphics editor for Microsoft Windows.

  • PaintShop Pro - a proprietary and commercial raster graphics editor for Microsoft Windows. It gained some popularity after being distributed as shareware, but note that recent versions are not using the shareware model.

  • Paint.NET - a proprietary and gratis (“freeware”) raster graphics editor for Microsoft Windows, based on the .NET framework. Has a history of licence changes, and one may look at Pinta for an open-source and cross-platform behave-a-like.

  • miniPaint - an open source (GPLed) online image editor, with quite a few features.

  • DeviantArt Muro - an online “HTML5” drawing program provided as a gratis (but not open source) online service by DeviantArt.

  • Canva Photo Editor - a rudimentary web-based and gratis photo editor and manipulator, which allows for editing using the web browser (including on mobile devices).

(2-D) Vector Editors

  • Inkscape - an open-source (GPLed) , cross-platform, and powerful, vector editor.

  • Adobe Illustrator - a proprietary and commercial vector graphics editor for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

  • CorelDRAW - a proprietary and commercial vector graphics editor for Microsoft Windows.

  • Apache OpenOffice Draw - an open-source drawing program that is part of the Apache OpenOffice / LibreOffice suite.

  • SK1 - an open source (LGPLed) vector graphics editor written in Python based on the older Sketch vector editor. May have limited functionality.

  • Karbon - an open-source vector graphics editor based on the KDE platform.

  • Xfig - an open-source (MIT-like licence) editor for the X Window System with an antiquated look and feel.

  • VPaint - an open-source (MIT/Expat licensed) and experimental vector graphics editor that aims to be “a glimpse into the future of Vector Graphics and 2-D Animation”. Runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Diagramming Software

  • Dia - an open-source (GPLed) diagram tool based on the Gtk+ GUI toolkit for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX-like systems.

  • Calligra Flow - an open-source (GPLed) diagramming tool that is part of the Calligra Suite, an office suite by the KDE project. Runs on UNIX-like systems (including Linux) and on Windows.

  • Microsoft Visio - a proprietary and commercial diagramming application for Microsoft Windows by Microsoft. It is feature-rich and powerful.

3-D Editors

  • Blender - an open-source (GPLv2+) and cross-platform full-featured 3-D editor.

  • POV-Ray - an open-source (AGPLv3) ray tracer that accepts text files as input.

  • Autodesk Maya - a proprietary application for 3-D graphics manipulation (runs on some versions of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).

Two Dimensional (2-D) Animation Software

  • Synfig - an open source (GPLed) and cross-platform 2-D animation program.

  • Aseprite - an open source (GPLed) “Animated sprite editor and pixel art tool”.

Screenshotting Programs

  • Shutter - an open source and powerful screenshotting program for Linux.

Graphics APIs

  • ImageMagick - an open source (Apache licensed) software suite for manipulating raster (and to a lesser extent vector) images.

  • GraphicsMagick - a fork of ImageMagick with a similar scope. (MIT licensed).

  • GD Graphics Library - an open-source library to generate images (BSD-like licence).

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