List of Israeli Open-Source Projects


This is a list of Israeli open-source projects that used to reside on the Hackers-IL wiki.

Note: For Perl projects refer to the Israeli Perl Projects list on the Israeli Perl Mongers web-site. You can also find a list of some more Python Projects at the site of the Israeli Pythoneers.

Large or Very Large Scale Projects

  • PHP - a server-side scripting language that is actively developed by Zend and many other volunteers. Zend is an Israeli company.

  • MOSIX - a clustering-solution for the Linux kernel. Actively developed by Amnon Barak and his team at the Hebrew University. (Note - there may be some licensing issues)

  • openMosix - a MOSIX-derivative that professes a more open development model than MOSIX. Formerly actively developed by Qlusters and many other contributors.

  • Nullsoft Scriptable Install System - a tool for creating software installers for Windows programs. Led by Amir Szekely, who is an Israeli. See also its SourceForge “Project of the Month” review.

  • The Culmus Fonts - a collection of free-as-in-speech Hebrew fonts, by Maxim Iorsh.

  • “The Open Phishing Database” - an effort to create and maintain an open database of phishing sites, in addition to providing browser extensions which utilise this database. (Appears to be defunct.)

  • LKVM - The Linux Kernel Virtual Machine - has been developed by Qumranet.

  • OSv - an operating system for running a single Java or POSIX process (in a virtual machine). BSD-style licence.

Medium Scale Projects

Small Scale Projects

Linux Distributions

  • “GNU/Linux Kinneret” - a Knoppix based bootable LiveCD which was translated to Hebrew. (Defunct)

  • Linbrew - a GNU/Linux distribution that is intended for new Israeli users who are looking for built-in Hebrew support and Israeli localization.

  • “Kazit” - a Knoppix-derived LiveCD. (defunct).

  • “Ehad” - a remastering of the Mandriva Linux distribution so it will be suitable for the Israeli audience and fit on one CD. (defunct)

  • DebianHebrew - a remastering of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution so it will be suitable for the Israeli audience and fit on one CD.

  • Gentoo Israel - The Gentoo distribution community in israel. Includes wiki, forums and other help for Gentoo users.

  • Xorcom Rapid - Asterisk Installation from a bootable CD.

  • CentOS Israel - an Israeli portal for CentOS, the Community Enterprise Operating System.


  • The Better SCM Site - A web site for discussion and advocacy of Version Control and Source Configuration Management systems.

  • Limon - Free Hebrew-English-Hebrew dictionary web site.

  • Open Knesset - a site for providing a more accessible interface (and one capable of analysis) to the information in the site of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.


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