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List of Multimedia Applications


This is a small, hand-maintained, list of various multimedia-related applications.

All-in-one Media Players

  • VLC - an open-source, cross-platform multimedia player which plays most media files and has a friendly user-interface.

  • mplayer - a primarily command-line media player which supports many formats. Has a Spartan interface, but ships with some GUIs. Open source (GPLed) and cross-platform.

  • Windows Media Player - a proprietary, Windows-only media player from Microsoft.

  • GStreamer - an open-source multimedia framework. LGPLed. Is supported by many players, including gst123 .

  • xine - a multimedia playback library, along with some standalone players for UNIX-like operating systems. Open source (GPLed). Its popularity appears to have waned considerably lately.

  • Wikipedia’s Comparison of Video Player Software.

Dedicated Music Players

  • Amarok - a powerful music player with many features and extensions for Linux, UNIX and Windows. Open source (GPL).

  • Clementine Music Player - a multi-platform music player based on Amarok 1.4, ported to Qt 4. Open source (GPL).

  • Banshee - an open-source music and video player based on C#/.NET, gtk#, and Mono on Linux and Mac OS X. Cross-platform.

  • Rhythmbox - “an integrated music management application” for GNOME.

  • XMMS2 - an open-source and cross-platform multi-format music player based on the client/server model.

  • Exaile - a Gtk+ based music manager and player, inspired by Amarok, that is available for UNIX-like operating systems and Windows. (Open source - GPLed).

  • Winamp - a media player for Windows-based PCs and Android devices. Proprietary and freeware/shareware. Used to be popular in the late nineties, but its popularity waned.

  • foobar2000 - a freeware audio player. Aims for simplicity. Proprietary and Windows-only.

  • Wikipedia’s Comparison of Audio Player Software.

Video Downloaders

  • youtube-dl - a cross-platform command line program, written in Python 2.x to download videos from YouTube.com, metacafe, Google Video, Photobucket videos, Yahoo! video, Dailymotion, DepositFiles, blip.tv, vimeo, myvideo.de and others. Open source (public domain).

  • Video DownloadHelper - an extension for Firefox that downloads videos from “hundreds of YouTube-like sites”. Custom, mostly all-rights-reserved licence.

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