1. Realised the close correlation between sexual attractiveness and competence, strength and value production.

  2. Realised that the following are strongly correlated:

    1. Darwinian Fitness in Humans (which is not the same as the so-called “Physical Fitness”).

    2. "Ability" - see Marx’s From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

      (We want to encourage people to become more able and to be less needy).

    3. “Hotness” or sexual attractiveness.

  3. Helped publicise the SummerNSA Screenplay and the other screenplays and learned more about social media (Twitter / Facebook / G+ / Reddit / Freenode / etc.)

  4. Got kissed for the first time.

  5. Attended YumeCon in Ramat Gan, Israel (near Tel Aviv). See the photos I took.

  6. Attended the Nine Worlds Geekfest Sci-Fi/Fantasy Con near Heathrow Airport in London.

  7. Realised that a woman or a man are a lady or a gentleman even if they starred in a porn film, or sold sexual services for money (prostitution.). Also see what I wrote about the recent August 2014 images leak.

  8. First expected to stop becoming The Hacker King and instead become The Hacker King Emeritus, and then realised that Summer Glau terminated the "the" and there are now many potential and individual and awesome Hacker Monarchs (without the the). Long live us hacker monarchs

  9. Realised that enlightenment, honesty, and wisdom are constant processes, and that if you stop seeking bigger and bigger truths, you immediately become dishonest and cynical.

  10. Decided to encourage people to offend me and encourage others to try to be offended by others.

  11. Are there really bad people? Tweet:

    «I never met a #monster that I didn't like»@TheMuppets my mum said«There are no #evil ppl—only evil actions»#NeoTech

  12. “Sloppiness” (Expecting to do things badly at first or that some people will always dislike what you do) → Confidence → Intelligence/Smartness → Awesomeness / Competence / Strength.

  13. Saladin Style / Pygmalion Effect vs. Golem effect.

  14. «Doubt is not the antithesis of faith - it’s an element of faith» — parodies better highlight the truth.

    • Geeks/Amateurs (= people who enjoy what they do) and Hackers/Action Heroes (= people who break the rules, bend the rules, and don't accept their fate, and earn their victory despite whatever obstacles they face).

    • All attractive women and men are geeks.

  15. Alternative Business Models for Internet commerce.

    1. Philosophy started as a form of entertainment - today the best philosophers are still the entertainers. ( Stand-up philosophy. )

    2. «If Ayn Rand was born in the 1990s, she would be Christina Grimmie»

    3. «Have you heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates?»

  16. Understood that many of the things I described and were doubted at the time materialised:

    1. Wiki-like editing of screenplays for films - now quite common using the more modern Web 2.0-based wiki-like interfaces.

    2. Geeks, including software geeks as the most popular / most coveted / alphas, back in 2004/2005 despite some criticism for not being realistic at the time.

    3. The Hizbullah as a mostly benevolent youth group/etc.-like organisation whose activists are free to leave it.

    4. I am the most powerful man on Earth.

  17. Realised that things, including people and organisations can change. Citing old interviews or labelling someone for something he or she did in the past is not constructive. People can grow and become more competent, more able, and happier.

  18. Realised that big money / big business and an uneven distribution of wealth are both desirable, not necessarily harmful, and not a new phenomenon:

    It is also evident that a lot of phenomena that started as insurgent and rebellious ended up becoming part of the establishment, such as: the American revolutionaries, the Hollywood film-makers, television, the philosophers in ancient Greece, the open source hackers, and soon—the open content / Web 2.0 enthusiasts.

    We are not going to get rid of the establishment, big money or big business, but one should realise that all the money and force in the world cannot stop progress for long:

  19. Realised that:

    Hi William,
    On Mon, 25 Aug 2014 14:13:44 -0700
    William Brooks wrote:
    >  Why is the gender or the nationality of the winner significant?
    > I would prefer to hear what she did or wrote or discovered to win the prize.
    First of all, she was the first woman to have won this prize which has been
    given for a long time, so it is significant. Part of the problem is that the
    prize is given only to mathematicians under the age of 40, which for women is
    often a problem because they wish to have a family.
    Otherwise, I dislike the "I don't care about what makes you who you are
    attitude". Like I note in my new screenplay “Buffy: A Few Good Slayers”:
    [ Becky and Chankey are sitting in the library, studying together, and
    listening to Cimorelli - “When I’m
    gone” ( ). Faith approaches them. ]
    Faith: Hmm... hi kids! That doesn’t sound exactly like Anna Kendrick.
    Faith: Whoa, who are all those girls?
    Becky: Oh, they are Cimorelli - six sisters who sing together. They are a big
    hit on YouTube.
    Faith: Six sisters!
    Chankey: And they also have some brothers.
    Faith: Heh, God bless their mother. After my third pregnancy (to twins) I said:
    “That’s it. No way, José!”.
    Faith: I would think their being a big family is part of their charm.
    Chankey: Yes, and the way I see it: all the power to them. See: I read 20,000
    Leagues Under the Sea as a child, and I ended up memorising the English
    translation and now the French original, because I liked it so much.
    Chankey: Anyway, Captain Nemo there, thinks he’s a nobody, which is what “Nemo”
    means in Latin, but he's not. Thing is: lots of people expressed interest in
    him due to his various distinctive qualities, and he kept thinking: “They are
    interested in tangential stuff, not in the real me. They don't know the real
    Chankey: And here's the thing: all these qualities are what make you who you
    are, and you should exploit them and be yourself.
    Faith: Indeed!
    There's more about celebrating individuality in the screenplay and in other
    screenplays. So my advice to Ms. Mirzakhani is to be proud of being the first
    woman to have won it, and use it as publicity and a way to help further causes
    she believes in (whether related to her work and prize or otherwise) and to
    possibly even try to make a profit from it - by charging for personal
    appearances, collecting donations from audience in a hat (see
    my Stand-up philosophy idea at ).
    The whole "they only care about my X/Y/Z/W - they don't care about the real me"
    is damaging. You are the whole of your qualities not just a core, minimalistic,
    abstract, I-ness.
    And you are a born superstar - ; .
    Best regards,
    	Shlomi Fish
    > On Wednesday, August 13, 2014 5:41 PM, Chris Green
    > The Fields Medal in Mathematics has been awarded to Maryam Mirzakhani, of
    > Stanford U.
    > She is the first woman to be awarded this prize, the "Nobel Prize of
    > Mathematics", and the first Iranian.
    > "The prizes are awarded every four years. Wednesday's prizes were presented
    > by South Korean President Park Geun-hye, the first woman to hold that
    > post."
    > The New Scientist article also lists the other three winners of Fields
    > Medals, which are awarded every 4 years.
    > Cheers,
    > Chris.
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