A #SummerNSA’s Reading

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About This Document and the #SummerNSA Effort
Rough Timeline of the #SummerNSA Effort
Recommendations for the Future

About This Document and the #SummerNSA Effort

It is September, 2014 now - the air here in Tel Aviv, Israel has been getting cooler, and we are expecting the Jewish Autumn holidays (starting from Rosh Hashanah) soon. It seems that Autumn has finally arrived.

The concentrated #SummerNSA (“hashtag-SummerNSA”) effort spanned most of the summer of 2014 for me, and now I’m trying to summarise it (pardon the pun). Unfortunately, I have yet to hear back either from Summer Glau or the other proposed cast of the original screenplay, or from the people inside the NSA itself. However, I’ve learned and taught a lot this summer, and would like to concentrate many of my insights here, and am not giving up on my intention to have a film, in whatever format, created.