Recommendations for the Future

  1. Linux Kernel Development:

    1. 1. Linus should quit - at least temporarily. (see my “The Linus Torvalds Bus Factor” for which I got completely blocked from the E-mail domain and which I now understand was the “truth” and an elephant in the room)

    2. There should be more than one committer (same).

    3. The girl who complained on LKML that they should be more tactful and friendly is right. Geeks can be more tactful and friendly without becoming less competent (false dichotomy).

    4. Linus accused her of being “passive-aggressive” (whatever that means) but he was wrong.

  2. Greenpeace: proactive technological (tangible+mental) effort instead of anti-technology: 1. Start planting trees. 2. Lobby for more enforestation. 3. Encourage consuming less. 4. Work on industrialisation and modernisation of third-party nations: richer people->less children.

  3. Realise that destruction solves nothing - “I can solve the Middle East’s problems in 20 minutes - by dropping a nuclear bomb on Israel.” ; “Nuke Tehran” - wrong! You're killing innocent people in both cases.

  4. If you banned someone from an IRC forum or felt offended, you should unban him and encourage people to offend you so you will grow intellectually.

  5. It seems that wikis such as ikiwiki which use Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCSes) for storage, are in general preferable to MediaWiki and other SQL-based wikis and content management systems (CMSes), due to better reliability, and the ability to backup all data. I suggest Wikia to offer an option to use ikiwiki.

  6. Employ Saladin’s method to fight violent and destructive dissidents.

  7. People should support the lowRISC project to create a 100% open hardware RISC architecture.