From: Mr. Shlomi Fish ( ; )

To: Summer Glau

Subject: Invitation to come to in Tel Aviv, Israel ; Transfer of the brown ten-sided (d10) die ; requesting your commentary on my fanfic featuring you.

[This letter is permanently available in electronic form here:


Dear Summer,

I'm a very big fan of yours, and I wish you good luck with your upcoming marriage and with the upcoming birth, and wish you future success in your career.

Now let me get straight to business.

1. The first item of business is that you are hereby cordially invited to the upcoming Olamot Sci-Fi Con in Tel Aviv, Israel in Passover of 2015 . Here's some information about it in English:

It will be a good opportunity to interact with your fans in Israel, and to raise your fame and esteem there.

2. The second item of business, is that I promised myself and others that I will give you the ten-sided die (d10) photographed to the right. It was given to me by my friends at the time, and which I feel has become my symbol of power, and empowered me. More information of its story can be found here:

Due to its significance to me, I wish to give it to you in a short face-to-face ceremony that will be recorded on camera. It would then be up to you to decide what to do with it. So please let's coordinate a time and place when this can take place.

Note! This is not a proposal of marriage. I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming marriage to your fiancé, and would never dream of separating any couples in a relationship. What it is instead is a passing of a baton of power from one “hacker” (a.k.a an “action hero”) to another.

3. The third item of business is a request of your opinion about the fanfiction I created that features you:

Despite the fact that Summerschool at the NSA was well-publicised, I did not hear anything from the various parties that were featured there, and I find the silence involved tormenting, so I’d appreciate any input from you on what you know.

One final note is that I encourage you to acquire a substantial presence in Internet social media outlets (e.g: Twitter, Facebook , Reddit, Freenode, etc.) which will help you with publicity and enhance your visibility. As you may have figured out by now, not only should you not be afraid of receiving criticism and getting offended but you should encourage it:

Attached to this letter is my business card – signed on both sides – and a purple translucent 1d10 (naturally not the special plain brown one that I wish to give you) - as tokens of my appreciation. You can reach me by email – and/or (using a throwaway E-mail address for that will be fine).

Sincerely yours,

Shlomi Fish (a.k.a “Rindolf”)