About the Author

Shlomi Fish was born in Israel in 1977, and has lived there most of his life. He is a user, developer, advocate and activist of Open Source Software. His greatest contribution so far in this regard has been Freecell Solver, a Public Domain Library for solving games of Freecell and other types of Solitaire. However, he also initiated several other projects and made important contributions to projects he did not initiate some of them very large scale.

Otherwise, Fish has written several humorous novellas, stories and aphorisms, which he has released online, under the CC-by or CC-by-sa licenses. He also wrote many essays and articles as well as material for presentations which (unless specified otherwise) were released under the CC-by license.

To conclude, if you think that "this guy attacks Intellectual Property so he obviously doesn't have any significant IP of his own", then this myth, in his case, can never be farther than the fact.

Shlomi Fish is a Jew and an Israeli by nationality, an atheist by faith (or lack of it) and a Neo-Tech Objectivist by ideology. As such he is a firm believer in both individual rights and freedoms, and freedom from oppression, as well as a free economy (Laissez-Faire Capitalism) that is free of government intervention. He also does his best efforts to live by the values of honesty, integrity, individualism, independent thought, passion, and rational self-growth.