File swapping must be legal, because it's ethical, moral, makes economical sense, and is otherwise beneficial for artists, distributors and consumers.

There's a book on my bookshelf by Ashleigh Brilliant with a very good title: "I Feel Much Better, Now that I've Given up Hope". I think this is one thing the Media companies don't understand. If they accept Internet File Sharing as a necessary "Evil", they will be able to make the best out of the new situation. Instead, they have chosen to perform a large-scale witch-hunt, which does not really help prevent file sharing, and just makes them look like the public enemy.

Once the Media companies try to fight file swapping by using lawsuits, or threats, then they should be fought back in order to protect the people's ethical right to share songs. All laws that are passed to prohibit non-commercial distribution of public works, are unethical, and should be replaced with more reasonable laws.