Debunking Some Misleading Terms

"Intellectual Property"
"Stealing" or "Theft"

The Human Language is primarily a tool of thought, and only afterward a tool of communication. As such, mutations in the meaning of words can affect clear thinking about issues. The issue of file swapping is no exception. Before we continue, allow me to explain about the improper validity or application of some terms.

"Intellectual Property"

As noted by Richard Stallman, the term Intellectual property is a seductive mirage. Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks are not equivalent to property, not even "intellectual" one. Furthermore, they shouldn't be grouped together as they are intended for different purposes and do different things. (And are treated differently according to law).

Some people claim that since a copyrighted work is "intellectual property", then copying it is equivalent to "stealing". But that is not the case here.