Refuting Common Arguments against File Swapping

The Domino Effect
Violating the Law against File Swapping will Cause Anarchy
Sharing Files is like Disobeying Traffic Laws

This section aims to refute some common arguments against file swapping.

The Domino Effect

Some people are using "the Domino Effect" as an argument that file swapping should be stopped. What they say is that if the profitability of the Music industry would be harmed, then it will cause an economical chain-reaction that may devastate the rest of the economy, because other dependent industries may be harmed.

There are two problems with this argument. The first is that there is no evidence that the profitability of the music industry is harmed due to file swapping, so there is little risk of this happening. The other is that assuming that would happen, it won't be a bad thing. That's because we essentially reduce the money that is transferred to a heavy taxer, and make the public, as a whole, richer. The public in turn, can spend this money on other merchandise, and make other industries as a whole more prosperous. This is similar to reducing income tax, while laying off some government workers.