The Case for File Swapping

Shlomi Fish


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Table of Contents

Debunking Some Misleading Terms
"Intellectual Property"
"Stealing" or "Theft"
Why File Swapping should be Legal?
It is not a Crime
There are other ways to make money
File Sharing Does not Hurt Media Sales
Media Organizations hunt File Sharers and Prosecute Them
Put it into Perspective
Refuting Common Arguments against File Swapping
The Domino Effect
Violating the Law against File Swapping will Cause Anarchy
Sharing Files is like Disobeying Traffic Laws
"Stealing from the Rich and Giving to the Poor" is still Stealing
The Golden Rule Argument
Uses of File Swapping Services, which are More Legal
Reflections on Online Music Stores
Can File Swapping Really be Stopped?
The Internet as an Alternative Medium of Distribution
Videos and Animations
The Value of Linking
A Historical Perspective
Ancient Times through the Middle Ages
After the Invention of the Press
My Analysis of This
How you can Help
Other Important Copyrights Issues
About this document
About the Author
More Links


The purpose of this article is to explain why Internet file swapping (of media such as music files, video files, etc.) is moral, ethical and should be legal. Plus, people who share files on the Internet or download them, must not be prosecuted.