The Internet as an Alternative Medium of Distribution

Videos and Animations
The Value of Linking

Now that the Internet is becoming more and more common and more and more integral for life, artists should consider that instead or as well as publishing their artworks via traditional means, they should publish them online. First of all, it makes one have much better chances of his creations to get noticed, rather than the very slim chances of having his song, book, or video distributed by traditional distributors.

It is also often a way to eventually get published like that, after being noticed by such distributors. Let's inspect the various venues for each content type.


There are several venues for having freely re-distributable Music on the Internet:

  1. is an online community for artists which have made some tracks available online. GarageBand allows one to download the music for free, rate it, review it, and link to it from other places on the Internet.

    From experience, I can say that a lot of the music that is available there is very good.

  2. ccMixter is a Creative Commons sponsored community for sampling, mixing and sharing music under licences that allow that.

  3. MagnaTune is a records' label who publishes artists whose music is licensed under freely-redistributable licences.

  4. One can distribute music using web sites and BitTorrent torrents.