How you can Help

There are several ways in which you can help fight for the cause of protecting file swapping:

  1. Write. Write school reports, university theses, essays, news items and articles about this cause. Feel free to use material from here, or to link to it.

  2. Publish the art you create under a freely-distributable license. The Creative Commons licenses can give you enough protection, while still retaining this right.

  3. Link and mention this essay on your web-site, in your blog, in your posts to online forums, in real-life (in chats, on newspaper items), etc. Get people to know it.

  4. Write to your representatives at the government and tell them that you wish file swapping and all related issues to be legal. Don’t vote for people who fight against file swapping, and vote for those who do.

  5. Donate money, time and other resources to support the legal battle for file swapping.

Together, we can stop this insanity faster than it will be stopped on its own.