Essays about Computers’ Education

These are essays about Education and Pedagogy as related to Computers, Computer Science and Programming.

My Opinion on Electrical Engineering Studies in the Technion

The quality of the material [which is taught in the technion] is very good, in my opinion. It is quite up to date and relevant to what we have to learn, with a few exceptions (like the infamous teaching of C-Shell programming in Matam and Mamat). But as a general rule, there aren’t many complaints here.

The material seems to cover basics and foundations instead of cutting-edge technologies, which is a good thing, in my opinion, because a university’s purpose is to teach just that. The latter is best taught by experiencing.

Thoughts about the Best Introductory Programming Language

Thoughts about what is the best introductory programming language in this day and age. Includes a critique of some other opinions, some useful relations (Language A should come before Language B), a conclusion and other useful food for thought.