The End of IT Slavery

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Table of Contents

Some Facts about Working
Achieving Productivity
Re-use instead of Start-over
“We Can’t Find Good Programmers”
How to find Great Developers?
Open Source
How to treat Great Developers
The Best Equipment Money can Buy
Leave Your Developers Alone
Be Honest with your Developers
Let Them Grow
Take Some Good Advice
Respect and Cherish Your Developers


This is the year 2007. This is Shlomi Fish, a good hacker, where hacker is a good enthusiastic programmer, not necessarily a computer intruder. And I have an announcement to make: I refuse to be an IT slave. Moreover: if you want to employ people like me (and you do), you should not give us only good conditions - you should give us exceptional ones. Otherwise, we’ll probably leave, or be fired, much to your misfortune.