“Alternative” Profitable Models for Web-based Commerce

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This is a list of some business models for Web-based commerce that do not require depending on intrusive advertising:

  1. Ask for money for “real-life” public appearances (See this post).

  2. The Flickr model - charge users for a premium account with some advantages.

  3. The model of Bandcamp and the Humble Bundles: pay what you want (possibly above a minimum) for a download.

  4. The “Cloud” model - pay for hosting or an MMORPG account or a different “Software-as-a-service” subscription.

  5. Pay to exempt restricted works (e.g: under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial ShareAlike licence) from various restrictions. Alternatively, one can collect donations to relicense the work under a less restrictive licence — for everyone.

  6. Sell merchandise. Here’s a very fun video about it from the film Spaceballs.

  7. One can also set up non-intrusive ads like those provided by Project Wonderful but I doubt it will be very profitable.


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