In for Free Beer

This approach basically says this:

"I like free software because I can get a lot of useful software without charge. I may like contributing to free software because it helps other people, makes me happy and may indirectly benefit me technically or financially. But proprietary software is perfectly valid as well, if it's done right, and I may choose to use it or contribute to it.

In short: write code, use whatever tool you wish, and be happy."

The most prominent figure who holds this view is Linus Torvalds, but there are many others, some of them quite prominent. Such figures, however, tend to be less loud than the "religious" advocates of the other two views, and thus it may seem that they are at a minority. Part of the reason is that many of them inherently tend to value productive code and decisions over advocacy.

Note: I have prepared a longer (and unofficial) manifesto for this view which you may wish to consult for further information.