Shlomi Fish’s Articles and Essays

Index to my Essays

An index to the essays I wrote. (some of which were not published here).

Books’ Reviews

A list of books I read and can recommend or recommend against. Includes technical (computer or Electronics) books and other non-fiction books.


General Essays

General essays, about philosophy proper or about leading a better life.


Writings about Psychology.


Essays about computers: programming, computer society, hacking, etc.


Essays about politics.

Random (Practical) Ideas I have

I have quite a lot of ideas which could prove of value to others. In this, I’m trying to put them online in hope they will be materialized by someone else. (it’s lame, but everyone else is doing it)


My Blogs

I post regular thoughts and smaller-scope, more controversial or less finalised essays to my weblogs.

The Hackers-IL Archives

You can find philosophical posts I wrote there, mainly about computers. Be sure to read other people’s comments on them too. Note that I changed my mind on some of them after their initial posting.

The Philosophy-IL Archives

Another group that I’m a member of and regularly posts stuff there.


I also post there occasionally.

By Others

These are articles by other people that I keep here - usually such that went offline.


A new philosophical-political initiative that outlines several new (and experimental) paradigms for advancing Liberalism beyond a purely-democratic process.