What’s Wrong with the Geneva Accord

The Geneva Accord is not adequate as it is three serious flaws:

  1. It advocates disarming the terror organizations. I don’t see how it can be done efficiently and the right to bear arms also come to mind. I would advocate the opposite: give arms to each and every Palestinian. That way, they will be less afraid of the terror organizations, who in turn would be much more afraid of them. (you could allow all Israelis to carry arms as well, for good measure.)

  2. It advocates forcibly evacuating the Israeli settlements. By all means the Israeli Settlers have a right to live there as every lawful person has a right to live anywhere. The entire concept of immigration regulation and “fathers’ land” is wrong.

    What is wrong is forcing other people to protect them living there. (as force is always wrong) This distinction must be understood and followed.

  3. Last, but probably most important is that it requires the mutual cooperation of both sides. One cannot expect the other side to follow his part of the deal, while my suggestion does not require the cooperation of the Palestinians.