A Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Table of Contents

Analysis of the Current Situation
Some Ethical and Logical Facts (and their Implications)
The Right to Live Everywhere
No Person can Force Another to Protect Himself
Right to Bear Arms
Blaming Others for One’s Own Problems
Israel’s Short-Term Solution to the Problem
The Israeli Long-Term Part of the Solution
Palestinian Solution
What’s Wrong with the Geneva Accord
What’s Wrong with the Separation Fence?


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is probably the single gravest problem in Israeli external politics, at present. (and naturally of Palestinian external politics) So far its solution eluded the minds of most politicians of both sides. This article will propose just that, for both sides.

One editorial note: “Palestinians” in the context of this article are the Palestinian Arabs who live in the west-bank and Gaza. I do not refer by it to the other members of the Palestinian people living outside the occupied territories. (unless explicitly said otherwise)

(Note that this article is based on an older and unofficial essay that the author of these line wrote in his online diary. Its content is still relevant, but otherwise superseded by this essay. )