What’s Wrong with the Separation Fence?

A suggestion was made to build a separation fence, protecting Israel and the settlements from the Palestinians. This suggestion is wrong from the following reasons:

  1. It is still based on the assumption that the problem lies in the Palestinians. The Israelis fail to take responsibility for their own problems.

  2. Due to the fact that all the settlements are aimed to be included in Israel’s part of the fence, it would be 1000s of kilometres long in a 250*100 kilometre area. A huge and costly construction project.

  3. It will be a huge environmental disaster.

  4. Can potentially become a large defence problem. (at times of war).

  5. Will make a lot of legitimate traffic very difficult.

  6. Will make a lot of legitimate traffic very difficult.

  7. May not prevent the terrorist acts entirely - most suicide terrorists passed through border-passings.

  8. It is much less effective than withdrawing from the occupied territories.

  9. It is not something that Israel is allowed to do, according to International Law, and the status of the occupied territories.