“All Truth is God’s Truth”

Larry Wall ( a very talented and accomplished software developer and hacker) had this to say in his “Perl Culture” keynote:

I have a book on my bookshelf that I’ve never read, but that has a great title. It says, “All Truth is God’s Truth.” And I believe that. The most viable belief systems are those that can reach out and incorporate new ideas, new memes, new metaphors, new interfaces, new extensions, new ways of doing things. My goal this year is to try to get Perl to reach out and cooperate with Java. I know it may be difficult for some of you to swallow, but Java is not the enemy. Nor is Lisp, or Python, or Tcl. That is not to say that these languages don't have good and bad points. I am not a cultural relativist. Nor am I a linguistic relativist. In case you hadn't noticed. :-)

In my personal philosophy, which I have labelled “Rindolfism”, I mix and match elements, metaphors and memes, from Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, from my knowledge of Judaism, from the open-source and open content movement, from the Star Trek franchise, from Buffy, from the Friends television show, and more. It is important for an idea system not to stagnate and accept external influences with different, better, and/or newer ideas.

Several idea systems made the mistake of thinking they were the “final word” or the “omega”. Jesus claimed to have been the last prophet, and so did Muhammad (despite the fact that Jesus did that too). If you ask me, the only difference between idea systems that are still considered holy, and idea systems that are no longer taken as gospel (including those that were fictional to begin with) is simply that: they are held as holy, and thought to be the final word.

Some people criticized me for not staying true to my Jewish roots and instead incorporating more recent elements in my stories, but it is indicative of a healthy and inquiring mind, who still seeks a bigger and better Truth. Part of God’s Truth.

Furthermore, as Neo-Tech notes, the word “Truth” denotes a static assertion and people constantly dispute its meaning, and the word “honesty” is indicative of an active and dynamic process for better perceiving reality.