The Importance of Human Networking

While being an Objectivist, I am going to make a surprise statement: Ayn Rand’s books The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged have a tragic ending. Yes, in The Fountainhead, unlike in my parody and modernisation of it which I called “The One With The Fountainhead”, World War II is not prevented, and the characters each end up unhappy. On the other hand, in my parody, Dominique Francon becomes the president of the United States, Roark is her husband and father of her children and decides to pursue a career in palaeontology (having reached saturation as an architect), Toohey starts a new career as an excellent saxophone player, and Gail Wynand transforms his newspaper empire into something more benevolent.

Furthermore, it is clear from the Fountainhead that like Howard Roark, Ayn Rand expected fortune and success to come to her at the time without her doing anything about it. In Atlas Shrugged, on the other hand, all the characters, including the protagonist - Dagny Taggart, and the antagonist - John Galt, are constantly travelling and networking. Like it should be. This is probably because Rand realised, shortly after the publication of The Fountainhead that “Reality to be commanded, must be obeyed” and that the gods help those that help themselves and that she should work on publicising herself and her works rather than hope for them to become successful by themselves. Today you can do the same using mostly (but preferably not exclusively) Internet means.

And that was also a problem of mine - that I have not networked enough, which I've decided to avoid now.