Putting all the Cards on the Table (2003)

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Table of Contents

My biggest mistake - playing the “The Invisible”
The Technion and the American concept of “Loser” and “Winner”
Silver Linings Playbook
Jennifer Lawrence
The Importance of Human Networking
David and Goliath
The Machines That Can Give You Questions
Chuck Norris
We all have a master, and should be humble
“Put your faith in Allah, but tie your camel”
Hackers Own The World
Hackers Make the Best Warriors
The Generation is Not Diminishing
The New Alexandrias
My second biggest mistake: not accepting who I am.
Please all → Please none
Don’t Just Go with the Flow - Act Now!
What should be done now?
The Importance of Seizing Opportunities
What the Departing Pope Taught me about Twitter/etc.
How Technology is Empowering Youth
What I Learned from Role Playing Games
“All Truth is God’s Truth”
“Publish or Perish”
Laziness vs. Productivity


This essay aims to present a summary of a snapshot as of 2013 of my personal philosophy and ideology, titled “Rindolfism”, which is dynamic and subject to change.

I am really tired of having truly intellectual people like me “speak in riddles” and be somewhat dishonest, so I'd like to put all the cards I have now on the table. There will likely be more into the future, and moreover, honesty is a process and a person should strive to become more honest as time goes by.