Putting More Cards on the Table (2015)

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Since “Putting All the Cards on the Table (2014)” was written and finalised, I kept linking to individual sections of it, and it proved to be popular and many people liked individual sections of it, or the essay itself as a whole.

One thing I now regret about it is the word "All" because I now realise that honesty is a process, and so is enlightenment and if you stop searching for a bigger and better “truth”, you stop being honest.

Nevertheless, after somewhat over a year, I feel that a sequel to it is in order, collecting and organising a (hopefully large) subset of the various insights I collected in many posts and comments on various social media outlets, as well as in some stories, screenplays, aphorisms, etc. So here goes.

Many people I know are being far too much misers: they care too much about people not spending a small amount of money, which in turn will buy them some time, bring them joy, or enlighten and/or inspire them. However, the time of productive humans, as well as their self-esteem and spiritual and tangible possessions, are far more important than a small gain of money.

In my favourite episode of Suddenly Susan, the American wrestler and celebrity Hulk Hogan (then going by the name “Hollywood Hogan”) ran for against the protagonist (= Susan) for a position in the San-Francisco department, and instead of being himself and being serious about the campaign, he used cheap show-biz tricks, and presented himself as his on-stage personality. The episode ended with Susan coming to visit Mr. Hogan to congratulate him and he is presented as a serious man, well-groomed, mannered and clueful, and she concluding that the city is in good hands.

That apocryphal story materialised itself with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s running for the position of California governor, with his “girly men” campaign. Although Schwarzenegger won, a lot of bad taste was left in the mouth.

In a section from my story “The Human Hacking Field Guide” written shortly after the first campaign, I describe an alternative way of running an election campaign. In that section, the story’s Alpha Female, Eve “Erisa” Siegel, admits that winning the title of homecoming queen won’t make much of a difference to her, but that she still wants it, and instead of a smear or insult campaign, she supports and respects the other candidates. (All while using some gimmicks of humour/etc..)

Furthermore, you shouldn't give up if you lose ( see the motivational Never Give Up video.) . What I describe Principle Snyder doing in “Buffy: A Few Good Slayers” is that after he has lost the election for mayor, he offered the actual winner to be his assistant and to help him as much as he can, and he eventually become mayor in the next election .

  • Honesty/Enlightenment/etc. is a process.

    Time >>> Money.

    Hubris and Neophilia in moderation are important.

  • Amateurs/Hackers/Geeks better than the pros reloaded:

    • Christina Grimmie.

      • Feeling Good.

    Sexual attractiveness → Competence (And vice-versa).

  • Honest vs. Dishonest advertising.

    Avicii - Wake me up.

    • What is wisdom?

    • Cynicism (what Neo-Tech calls "mysticism").

      • our main enemy as a civilisation and as an individual.

    Change brings change.

    • Sesame Street.

    • Crime&Punishment → Ayn Rand → My screenplays & stories.

    • The Tanakh vs. Shakespeare.

    How to run an election.

    • Link

    • Snyder in Link

    • Contrast with Hollywood Hogan in Suddenly Susan.


    • asking/paying people for help.

    • asking/paying people for advice.

    • taking responsibility for your own actions.

    There are no coincidences.

  • Fiction is serious business.

    • Humour is also very serious.

    Pygmalion effect vs. Golem effect.

    • → Be the Pygmalion effect for anything.

    Must be united against our common enemy.

    • Not Microsoft.

    • Not the MPAA, the RIAA or whoever.

    • Not the U.S. Government.

    • Not even entropy.

    • Cynicism!

      • What Neo-Tech calls "mysticism".

      • Doubting people.

      • Finding faults in benevolent, heroic, people.

      • Red Tape.

      • Creating problems where none exist.

    Models for Web revenue.

    • Flickr.

    • Bandcamp.

    • Collecting money for freeing a work into CC-by/X11L/PD/etc.

    • Non-intrusive ads.

      • Project Wonderful.

        • More like a way to provide publicity for others, than to

          earn a lot of cash.

    The Qoheleth/The Warrior King/The Hacker King/The best-of-the-best-of-the-best/The Saladin

    • Who is John Galt?

    • Some Hacker Monarchs of the past:

      • Samantha Smith, Jim Henson, Walt Disney, Isaac Newton, Cardinal

        Richelieu, Larry Wall, Jules Verne, Buffy, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard,

        Saladin, George Washington/etc., Thomas Edison, Ayn Rand,

        The Beatles.

      • Shlomi Fish (me)!

      Not [necessarily] the Roman Catholic pope.

      • Is not chosen - someone who wants it the most badly.

    Summer Glau.

    • Why she's the Warrior Queen.

    • Suffered through a lot.

      • Wanted to be a ballerina.

      • Decided to pursue an acting career instead.

      • Moved to L.A. by herself.

      • Name cognate with Summerschool at the NSA / Sarah Michelle Gellar / Buffy Summers

        • Milady de-Winter

          / etc.

        Also played under Joss Whedon.

      She wants it more badly than I do.

    • No more "The Warrior Monarchs" - only individual "A Warrior monarch"s.

      • Terminated!

    It's not a crisis - it's a learning opportunity.

    • Don't get mad - get even.

    • Chuck Norris

    Why confidence implies sloppiness.

    • Christina Grimmie.

      • Very humble and awkward starts.

      • Has Improved.

      • Feelin' Good - Link

      Publish or Perish.

    • Please all→Please none.

    Correction: no force should be done against the Iranian bomb.

    • The Iranian bubble is "slowly" expanding.

    Time → Progress

  • Stand-up Philosophy.

    • The Mel Brooks’ skit.

    "Back to Nature".

    • Environmentalism.

    • Humans' advantage was always their technology.

    • Link

      • «You are much more likely to find a good SO in a Science-Fiction convention (with a perfectly healthy mind and body) than you are at the middle of the wilderness.»

      Turning the Sahara desert into a lively forest using less than 1% at the

      time of the U.S. Defence budget.

    • Feeding the world ten times over using the money Americans spend on

      illegal drugs.

    Objectivism, Buffy, Perl.

    • stagnation due to lack of external influences.

    Aristotle→Larry Wall : everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.

    • Why films and the good T.V. shows will eventually end.

    A 100% open hardware RISC CPU/GPU machine.

    Couples don't own each other, their love lives or their sex lives.

    • it's OK to flirt.

    • Link

    • it's bad to be jealous and possessive.

    • There's nothing ethically wrong with being a "slut"/"whore", a

      professional prostitute, acting in a porn film, being polyamorous, etc.

      • Link

        • «A #woman is a #lady even if she is or was a #porn actress or a

          #prostitute . Treat her with #respect, be #honest to her - be a


        As long as you are honest and sincere about it.

        • Deceit/lying are bad/immoral (unless naturally if done for


        All of those things may eventually be bad for your self-esteem.`

      • Link :


        A small anecdote from a story I got an idea for, which seems like the epitome

        of blasphemy and political incorrectness, but still is pretty cool:

        Three Celtic girls from the village where they provided the Greek with salt,

        decide to travel to Damascus and beyond. They hitchhike a ride with some

        Assyrian merchants who eventually disarm them and tell them at sword point that

        they'll rape them.

        The girls consult between themselves and decide that if they're going to have

        sex, they might as well cooperate and enjoy it. So they have sex with the men

        willingly. And after a few times the three men lose stamina while the girls

        are not completely satisfied and cry for more! ☺


      Miranda Kerr having a lot of sex with various willing men after

      becoming separated from her husband, and bragging about it.

      • "So she has become a slut? So cool!".


    • Not about keeping secrets away from people who really really want to


    • Keeping the whole mass of data and information away from the general


    • Best policy: never deny or admit anything you think may be a problem.

    Vindictiveness/lack of mercy.

    • "Solve the Middle East's problems in 20 minutes by dropping an atomic

      bomb on Israel/Tehran".

      • Don't wish for bad things to happen even for your worst enemies.

        • the economic collapse.

    Geeks taking over.

    • Penny from Big Bang Theory is a wonderful geek and hacker.

    • Amateurs better than the pros.

    Big money / Big business

    • Not a new phenomenon:

      We probably won't get rid of it now or ever.

    • Link - Paul Graham’s Inequality and


    What "Fitness" really means - who are the fittest people?

    • Why we should encourage people to be more able rather than expect

      everyone to get everything they "need" or just "want".

      • The Atlas Shrugged "From each according to their ability to each

        according to their needs" thought experiment.

      Money as the tool to pay/quantify for the time of able people.

      • Different people’s time is worth differently.

        • Emma Watson vs. a completely obscure, beginning, actress, who

          does not play well.

          • EmWatson is more "able".

      Darwinian/Biological Fitness.

    • "Fit" started to mean a [sexually] attractive

      member-of-the-approriate-sex (= MOTAS) in British slang.

      • Not necessarily a very athletic one.

      Some level of the so-called "physical fitness" may be desirable for

      good self-esteem, for confidence, and for extra attractiveness points.

      • Not required.

      • Not a panacea.

    The Precious Jewellery

    • No female Jewelers.

      • Orthodox Jewish Jewellers who must no shake hands with women.

      An indication of waste rather than status.

      • El-cheapo Jewellery looks nice, too.


    • Gold/silver/etc. have industrial utility.

    Red tape as the antithesis of hacking.

    • Accountants.

    • clerks and bureaucrats.

    • Get rid of unnecessary regulation.

    • Use computers as our slaves.

      • Give you answers.

      Trust people.

      • No cynicism/mysticism.

    "There's more than one way to do it."

    • Fanatical classical libertarianism.

      • Not about preventing state welfare, but about allowing people

        to get rich.

        • Paul Graham about the Beatles’ “Tax Man” song.

      Different countries/states/cities/localities may be better for different


    • "He who changes place, changes his fortune."

      • Old Hebrew Proverb.

    Humpty Dumpty song.

    • Death is irreversible.

      • As long as you're not dead or terminally ill, you still can improve.

      A limit to what even the largest and best resources can buy you.

      • Can't stop progress.

      • Link

        • The Ability to Destroy a Planet is insignificant next to the power of the force

    More about Saladin.

    • Liberate Palestine one fortress by the other.

      • Antithesis for "For in tricks you should do your war"

      Show mercy, respect, forgiveness and chivalry.

    • Give the option to abuse one's power.

      Fighting against Link

      • Lost his horse - gave him two.

      • Got sick - gave him the care of his doctor.


    Social networks:

    • Freenode/etc.

    • Reddit and its subreddits

    • Google-Plus.

    • Twitter.

    • Facebook.

      • Problems with it.

      YouTube / imgur / GitHub / Deviantart / etc.

    Never rest on your laurels.

  • "No small roles - only small actors"

    • Rosh Gadol vs. Rosh Qatan.

    • Joseph in Prison in the Jewish Bible

    • Link who started as a

      cleaner in the inn, and ended up managing it.

    • Quote from Link

    • "It's not a crisis - it's a learning opportunity."

    Why fiction is serious business.

    • Why humour is serious business.

    People saying about Facebook or Twitter or IRC or MMORPGs what they said

    about television - or about Socrates.

  • - Galileo vs. Newton

    • Socrates vs. Plato and Aristotle

    • Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.

    • Eminem's song about putting a contract on his wife.

    • What you can't say - Link

    • The Internet as a shield.

      • Even if people don't appreciate you on one forum or sub-forum,

        there are often others.

    From Link :

  • The proper way to run an election campaign:


    I detailed the way I thought of to run an election campaign here: Link - on that section, the story’s Alpha Female, Eve “Erisa” Siegel, admits that winning the title of homecoming queen won’t make much of a difference to her, but that she still wants it, and instead of a smear or insult campaign, she supports and respects the other candidates.

    Furthermore, you shouldn't give up if you lose ( #NeverGiveUp : Matsuoka Shuzo [松岡修造 ] - あきらめかけているあなた (NEVER GIVE UP!!) [English] ), and Link released videos on YouTube before, while, and after their performance on the televised Sing-off competition (and I find them very nice). What I describe Principle Snyder doing in Link is that after he has lost the election for mayor, he offered the actual winner to be his assistant and to help him as much as he can, and he eventually become mayor in the next election .

    Hollywood depicted a worse way to run an election campaign with Hulk Hogan on Suddenly Susan where he maintains a false image instead of being himself - Link (these were my favourite two episodes of that show). And this whole ordeal materialised with Link 's “Girly Men” campaign for the Californian governor elections, but really could have been avoided.


  • "Wine, Women, and Song".

    There are three important things in life for one’s self-esteem:

    1. Good food and drinks ("Wine") - see Link

    2. Good company of any sex ("Women").

    3. Clean, creative, fun, however unprofessional and low quality. ("Song"): Christina Grimmie - "Feelin' Good"

    If you're a wage slave, who does not eat well, does not enjoy the company of

    his family or friends, and does not have fun, then not only are you unhappy,

    but you are really unproductive and lazy:



  • Classical music:

    • museum pieces.

    • See Link

    • Link

    • Remakes / covers / fanfiction.

      • Lessig’s Remix book.

      • crossovers / mash-ups.


    • «I just genuinely don't understand the need for complete and utter 100%

      nakedness in the women's locker room at the gym. Ahhhhhh #help»

    • What my friend noted about him being a "heterophobe" who cannot stand

      seeing other men naked.

      • That only women will get it.

      Noting that people should still be free to experience (or produce)

      porn or soft porn or erotica or whatever in the privacy of their

      own home.



    This essay/article which someone linked to on Freenode's ##programming is a prime example of how you should write essays in this day and age:


    Mainly it has:

    1. Many images that are often relevant.

    2. Short paragraphs.

    3. Easily skimable text.

    4. Many text embellishments such as bullets, itemised lists, bold, etc.

    This is as opposed to a text with long paragraphs/etc.

    This is not a new trend. Russians pride themselves on having the best 19th century and 20th century novelists, but even Link is much less usable and popular than those of French, British and American novelists: Link ; Link ; Link ; Link ; Link ; Link ; Link ; Link ; Link - all novels that aged extremely well.

    Even a large part of the Jewish Bible / Tanakh / Old Testament is extremely succinct and to the point (not sure about the so-called New Testament).

    Sesame Street was accused of encouraging illiteracy and trying to sugar-coat learning, and other stuff like that, but it improved the standard for television, cinema and the written word considerably.

    Similar criticisms had been voiced about Socrates in ancient Greece, and now people say similar things about Twitter, Facebook or Link (♥!).

    I however, am pretty sure that the young generation of today which receives many "bad" influences from such social media mediums and popular culture franchises, will grow and mature nicely enough. And as sexualised or violent My Little Pony, the Big Bang Theory or Game of Thrones or whatever are, they've got nothing on the Old Testament... ☺


  • Temporal logic:

    • things change.

    • people change.

    • people's opinions change.

    • people's capabilities/skills/abilities change.

    • Societies change.

      • The world changes.

    Design/choose your own clothes.

    • T-shirts/etc. with a:

      • inscription

      • logo or photo

      • URL and/or Twitter Account.

      • Hash-tag.


    • A dog.

    Play to lose:

    • Link

    • "Every great truth once started as a blasphemy".

      • Link

      • "What a good day it was to die."

    More about arrogance, being careful vs. careless, etc:

    Gay marriage.

    • Not a serious issue.

    • Marriage should not be considered different in the bylaws vs. a couple

      living together and possibly having children.

      • Most children in Denmark being born outside marriage.

        • Still a strong taboo against it in Israel

      Open/Free immigration.

    "Terrorist" organisations / Organised crime organisations / Criminals / etc.

    • A lot of them are likely not really criminals

      • The Neo-Tech constitution vs. imaginary crimes.

      Also have a lot of overhead.

      • Link

      • ««««

        It is not a coincidence that the Roman army had a ratio of four

        servants for every soldier. This was not decadence. Modern armies

        probably run 7:1. (Here's something Pradeep Singh taught me

        today: if only 20% of your staff is programmers, and you can save

        50% on salary by outsourcing programmers to India, well, how much

        of a competitive advantage are you really going to get out of

        that 10% savings?)


      Abolishing drafts and making militaries voluntary


      • Kid Rock - Let's Ride - Lyrics Video

    "The words of the wise men are said in comfort."

    • Link

    • Link

    • Set an example rather than preach or use scare tactics.

      • Show the positive side rather than be only negative.

      • Proactive hacking.

      • Link