Putting More Cards on the Table (2015)

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Time ≫ Money
How to Run an Election Campaign
TODO: Rest of the stuff to add


Since “Putting All the Cards on the Table (2014)” was written and finalised, I kept linking to individual sections of it, and it proved to be popular and many people liked individual sections of it, or the essay itself as a whole.

One thing I now regret about it is the word "All" because I now realise that honesty is a process, and so is enlightenment and if you stop searching for a bigger and better “truth”, you stop being honest.

Nevertheless, after somewhat over a year, I feel that a sequel to it is in order, collecting and organising a (hopefully large) subset of the various insights I collected in many posts and comments on various social media outlets, as well as in some stories, screenplays, aphorisms, etc. So here goes.