Note about Why Politicians Support The Prohibition

It is well known that many politicians or people who hold government positions support the prohibition on drugs. As a result, many people are likely to conclude that they are being bribed by Mafia Dons and other high-profile criminal people who make their livelihood off the prohibition. This may actually be the case to some extent, but it’s not the only possible explanation for why they support it.

There are two other explanations for why politicians, who are still honest enough to not accept bribes from drug-trafficking criminals, may still support the prohibition on drugs. The first is that they are simply clueless or misled enough to believe that the prohibition is a good thing. Many ordinary and perfectly honest people have also bought the pro-prohibition advocacy and voice opinions supporting it.

The other explanation is that some of these people know better and are acting in an evil, destructive, and dishonest manner. Acting and thinking in an evil way can become an obsession and an addiction, and some people have become terminally infected by it and are consistently acting in an evil manner. While it may be true that one should not “attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”, malice is still present in the world, including among the leaders.

As a result, even if such officials are not accepting bribes, they are still not acting out of the public’s best-interest when they support the prohibition of drugs.