The Case for Drug Legalisation

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Table of Contents

The Morality of Drug Abuse
The Biology of Drug Use
The Bio-Psychology of Drug Use
Arguments for Drug Legalisation
The Prohibition on Drugs Causes an Inflation of Crime
The War on Drugs does not Help to Fight them
The Prohibition on Drugs Lowers the Quality of Drugs
The Prohibition on Drugs Causes Proliferation of Drugs' Use
Slowdown of the Progress of Lower Sectors
Drug Users Serve as the "Unholy Enemy" of Society
The Prohibition Causes an Abusive Behaviour among the Users
Prevention of Legitimate Uses
Strain on Society due to People in Jail
What You can do about it?


Many people take the prohibition on the currently illegal narcotics (e.g: Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin) for granted. They believe that just because the drugs are physically harmful, they should be banned. Yet, this is very far from the fact. While drugs can be harmful, there is no good reason to make them illegal. In fact, the prohibition on drugs causes so many undesirable side-effects, that they must be made legal.

If this sounds fantastic to you - read on, I'm sure you'll find out that I know what I'm saying.

The war on drugs has been supported by both the left and right political camps, and has only been rejected by Libertarians and various other minority groups who hold this view. As a result, most people who believe they should choose between left, right or middle, think drug prohibition is acceptable on everybody. But this is not the case. The prohibition on drugs is very harmful to the public and individual well-being and must be eradicated as soon as possible.