Shlomi Fish’s Writings about Politics

These are essays that deal with Politics, but from the Philosophical side. They’re not more of the “Left-vs-Right” rehash, but rather aim to provide fresh point-of-views and new insights. They may prove controversial for both Left-winged and Right-winged people.

The Articles and Essays

The #SummerNSA Effort

An effort to make the NSA more benevolent and transparent, to successfully end the open content / Web 2.0 revolution, to make feature films of the screenplay “Summerschool at the NSA”, and several other causes.

Objectivism and Open Source

An essay, intended for people who adhere to Ayn Rand’s Objectivism philosophy, that explains why the Open Source paradigm is compatible with it.

A Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This is a proposed and innovative solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

The Case for File Swapping

Brings arguments for Internet file-swapping - why it is ethical and should be legal, and explains why media companies are not harmed by it.

Why I Concluded that Scientology was Bad

How I concluded based on very limited data that the Church of Scientology was bad and harmful.

The Case for Drug Legalisation

Why the so-called “War on Drugs” is the real drug problem, and why a legalisation of the currently illegal narcotics is the right solution.

Hebrew Translation

Hebrew translation of the article, under the same licence.

Define “Zionism”!

An article that tries to find out whether “Zionism” and related terms are well-understood and explains where I stand on these issues.

Dispelling Some Myths about Israel

An article that dispels some common myths about Israel.