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The Curse and the Blessing

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Tapestry”, Captain Picard dies and then is given a choice to revert an incident in his past that has caused him an injure which would have eventually caused his death. After he does that, he discovers that he is no longer Captain and that he have lacked the self-motivation that was needed in order to become the hero that he used to be. As a result, he says that “I would rather die as the man I was, than live the life I just saw.”

Or consider Helen Keller, who was born deaf-blind. If she had been born normal, she would most likely have led a happy life. On the other hand, without her disability, she might not had become the superwoman that she did, because there would have been nothing to motivate her.

Would I rather lead a normal life? Yes, I would. But, on the other hand, I recognise that getting into hypomanias is part of who I am, and probably the price I have to pay for being so creative. While I would like to reduce its effect, I thank God (so to speak) for allowing me to be able to write so many articles and essays, compose so many stories, and being a capable programmer.

So I guess the curse and the blessing are part of what makes me who I am.

Nevertheless, as I noted earlier, it is probably possible to combat the harmful effects of Bipolarity or Unipolarity as much as possible using Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and other means, and I intend to work on that. It is my hope that you are now wiser on how to better deal with such harmful psychological moods, in case you have been suffering from them.

Feel good!