"I have a Plan!"


Modern-day democracies where an elected leadership is considered the official and "all-powerful" one for a duration of four years or so, do little to maintain the freedom and propsperity of the country's people. Solving aims to change that, by saying that any individual can create competing leaderships or even alternative law collections. This way, people can challenge the existing establishment, and support those who do.

Solving is not Feudalism, as leaders will compete and cooperate for control of the entire country, not fractions of it. It also isn't Anarchy, as the integrity of the state and its functions (military, police, criminal prosecution and other services) will be maintained at any given point. It is the ideal way of running a country.

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How is Solving different from previous attempts?

Anarchism - destroy the existing establishment in the hope that afterwards the people will organize themselves better somehow.

Objectivism - try to slowly convert the existing establishment to something more sensible from within using conventional means.

Solving - create competing leaderships side-by-side with the elected one which will gradually deprecate it.

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